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Top Names in Knee Braces, Ankle Braces, Back Braces & More!!

Top Names in Knee Braces, Ankle Braces, Back Braces & More!! offers today's most extensive brace selection for common orthopedic injuries to your knee, ankle, back or anywhere else on your body.

You'll find braces and supports from today's leading brands, along with information, videos, and recommendations for locating the correct brace for many types of injuries.

Huge selection of the Newest Brace Products at Great Prices!

As the largest west coast distributor of orthopedic braces, we physically warehouse all of our inventory unlike other retail sites.

We maintain all new stock - not discontinued designs, or braces with old foams, glues, or resins, let alone returns after surgery.

This ensures greater performance, as well as, the highest level of patient protection for recovery following an orthopedic procedure. When you need a brace for an orthopedic knee, back, or ankle injury, DME-Direct is the place to go for braces with the latest designs and medical-grade materials for effective pain relief.

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