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Finding the right brand of braces for your injury is important when it comes to checking out quality.  We carry a wide selection of different brands of braces for knees, ankles, the back, and more.  These brands are all considered top-tier brands of supports and braces and have full manufacturer’s warranties so that hospitals and patients are receiving high-quality products that provide the best support and protection for common injuries.

Please click on our different brands to see each one’s full line of bracing products for your injury:

Breg – provides a full range of bracing products for the entire body.  Some of Breg's most popular brace solutions are centered around the knee and ankle, and now includes the addition of the Bledsoe brand of braces. Great products.

Aircast – Offers a full suite of products designed around the concept of air cell technology offering graduated compression with support to help injuries heal faster. The Aircast brace line, including their boots, provides dependable results when it comes to providing support and relieving pain.

Medi – German quality and design is reflected inside every product.  These orthopedic braces and supports deliver comfort and breathable support for sports use and injury support. The brand is recognized for manufacturing high-quality knee braces, ankle braces and back supports for athletes, weekend enthusiasts, and physicians that recommend braces. Medi products are designed for performance and comfort, and it is one of our best brands of ankle braces.

Donjoy – This brand features the latest in technology and provides stabilization and maximum comfort for injuries.  The brand features a variety of high-quality braces for the knee and ankle.  Donjoy one of our more popular brands of knee braces.

ThuasneUSA – One word sums up this brand’s line of bracing and supports and that is the word “premium”.  The brand is well recognized in the orthotic and prosthetic community for making custom and off-the-shelf braces that provide high-level support for patients.  Their Townsend braces are designed to provide support and pain relief for a wide range of knee injuries.  From knit supports for common injuries to high-end braces for orthopedic injuries, ThuasneUSA is a premium orthopedic brand that delivers results.

Aspen Medical Products – When it comes to brands of back braces and neck braces it’s hard to find someone that does it better than Aspen Medical Products.  They make a wide range of back braces and collars to provide complete protection and support for patients.  Aspen Medical Products is a highly-recommended brand for its high-quality materials and unique designs.

Bioskin - (Cropper Medical)  - manufacturer of premium orthopedic bracing using breathable, hypo-allergenic materials to provide the best possible experience for orthopedic patients.

DeRoyal - SInce 1973 DeRoyal Industries has been manufacturing and marketing a variety of healthcare products for healthcare providers in the acute, hospital, and orthopedic settings.  They make a variety of popular knee, ankle brace products, and abdominal binders that are routinely recommended and prescribed for patients.

Hely Weber - brace solutions provide stability, support, and comfort for injuries and surgical procedures.  The innovative bracing line is popular with physicians and features high-quality materials for performance and greater durability with daily wear.

Finding the right brand of braces for your injury is important when it comes to checking out quality.  We carry

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