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If you enjoy skiing then protecting your knee from injury is highly recommended.Knee injuries from skiing are very common. It's amazing but somewhere between 20-30% of knee injuries occur as a result of skiing according to this study. Even though today's equipment continues to benefit from advancements in technology, the knees are still prone to injury because of the degree of stress placed on the joint when skiing at high speeds.

We have a wide selection of knee braces for skiing designed to protect ligaments inside the knee from injury and help reduce pressure on the meniscus or areas of arthritis. These braces are commonly used to return to the slopes after surgery for an ACL tear, meniscus tears, arthritis, while others like an unloader knee brace can be used for skiing after a knee replacement.

Browse our collection of high-performance knee braces for skiing from brands like Townsend, Breg, Donjoy, Hely & Weber, McDavid, Mueller Sports Medicine, Ossur, and more. They are designed to reduce stress on the joint and protect your knees while you are skiing.

Need help? Our product experts can help find the best knee brace for skiing this winter. Or use our filter system to select the best knee braces for ski injury protection.

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