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Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace

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The Hely & Weber Knapp II knee brace features a low profile hinge that's ideal for MCL/LCL sprains and strains, as well as ACL/PCL sprains, strains.

Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace


The Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace is designed to provide lightweight support for ACL,PCL,MCL, AND LCL ligament sprains and strains. It features a low-profile Pop Stop hinge design for easy setting, and breathable spacer mesh material for all-day comfort. The sleek design conforms to the leg, and is offered in both 12" and 16" lengths for optimum support.


Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace Features:

  • Anterior Closure design allows the brace to be contoured to give a custom fit.
  • Pop Stop ROM system (patent pending) allows setting changes in seconds.
  • Additional ROM stops included with brace.
  • Combinations of spacer mesh and double knit material provides compression, support and edema control.
  •  Two Lengths (12" and 16") maximize joint support and Patient comfort.
  • 12" knee brace ideal for MCL/LCL sprains and strains.
  • Longer length 16" knee brace ideal for ACL/PCL, MCL/LCL sprains and strains.
  • Low profile easily accessible hinge allows interchangeability of hinge styles.
  • Sleek design keeps hinge close to the knee for optimum support.
  • Condyle pads for added comfort.
  • Adjustable thigh strap and calf strap for compression.
  • Lightweight and breathable material forms to the leg, wicks moisture away from the body as well as keeping leg cool during activities.
  • Malleable uprights allow the uprights to be bent to the contour of the patient for maximum support and comfort.

The Hely Weber Knapp II hinged knee brace is indicated for Moderate ACL/PCL sprains/strains to the ligaments of the knee, pre/post operative care of MCL/LCL injuries.

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