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Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace

Hely & Weber SKU: (7686, 7688)
$153.99 $141.99
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The Hely & Weber Knapp II knee brace features a low profile hinge that's ideal for MCL/LCL sprains and strains, as well as ACL/PCL sprains, strains.


Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace

$153.99 $141.99

The Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace is designed to provide lightweight support for ACL,PCL,MCL, AND LCL ligament sprains and strains. It features a low-profile Pop Stop hinge design for easy setting, and breathable spacer mesh material for all-day comfort. The sleek design conforms to the leg, and is offered in both 12" and 16" lengths for optimum support.


Hely Weber Knapp II Knee Brace Features:

  • Anterior Closure design allows the brace to be contoured to give a custom fit
  • Pop Stop ROM system (patent pending) allows setting changes in seconds
  • Additional ROM stops included with brace
  • Combinations of spacer mesh and double knit material provides compression, support and edema control
  •  Two Lengths (12" and 16") maximize joint support and Patient comfort
  • 12" knee brace ideal for MCL/LCL sprains and strains
  • Longer length 16" knee brace ideal for ACL/PCL, MCL/LCL sprains and strains
  • Low profile easily accessible hinge allows interchangeability of hinge styles
  • Sleek design keeps hinge close to the knee for optimum support
  • Condyle pads for added comfort.
  • Adjustable thigh strap and calf strap for compression
  • Lightweight and breathable material forms to the leg, wicks moisture away from the body as well as keeping leg cool during activities
  • Malleable uprights allow the uprights to be bent to the contour of the patient for maximum support and comfort
  • Available in six sizes. See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help

The Hely Weber Knapp II hinged knee brace is indicated for Moderate ACL/PCL sprains/strains to the ligaments of the knee, pre/post operative care of MCL/LCL injuries.