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8 Items

Shop the full line of Aircast boots from DJO Global in both tall and short heights to help your recovery from a sprained ankle injury, fractures, rehabilitation after foot surgery, or an Achilles tendon rupture. 

If you have suffered a broken toe or a mild injury then a short height Aircast boot for foot and ankle support would be best choice for a walking boot. Arcast also offers tall boots. If you have a more severe injury or you'll be using your walking boot after cast removal, then a tall-height Aircast walking brace, like the Aircast FP walker or XP walker, can offer more stability and immobilization for your injury. Their hand bulb inflation designs provide for customized inflation, so they fit comfortably with all-day walking.

Need help? Our medical professionals and bracing experts can help you choose the right Aircast boot for walking support and protection, or use our filters to find the right air walker for your needs.

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