Aircast FP Walker/Walking Brace

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Aircast FP Walker/Walking Brace
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Aircast's FP Walking Boot (walker brace) provides foam pneumatic full-length shell protection for foot/ankle injuries.

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The Aircast FP Walker/Walking Boot is a cost-effective foam-pneumatic style cam walker that provides full-shell protection with outstanding support. It's got a low rocker sole bottom for added comfort and ease of ambulation, and a wide foot base with plenty of room for dressings and bandages. The Aircast FP Walker has a lightweight, durable, semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection. Housed inside the foam liner are two adjustable air cells that provide compression and support to both sides of the ankle. The FP Walker provides customized support with two inflatable air cells that help reduce swelling while providing a comfortable fit. Changes in limb dimension can easily be accommodated throughout the healing process by adjusting air cell inflation to ensure stability and immobilization, making the Aircast FP walker one of the most versatile on the market. 

Aircast FP Walking Boot Features:

  • Lightweight, durable, semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection
  • Rocker sole helps reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot. Housed within the shell are two foam-pneumatic air cells for compression and support at the ankle. Each air cell can be custom inflated using the hand bulb (included) to ensure an individualized fit for optimum support and comfort.
  • Features adjustable air cells on the sides of the ankle for providing a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Fits both the right and left sides.
  • Five sizes - See our sizing chart for fit/measurement help for this Aircast walking boot.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4360


The Aircast FP walker is well suited for treating:

  • Stable fractures of foot and/or ankle.
  • Severe ankle sprains (Grade III).
  • Post-operative use.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

Please use the shoe sizing chart guide below to determine the correct size for your FP Walker:

 Part#  Size  Shoe Size
01F-P  Pediatric  up to Men's 4, up to Women's 5
01F-S  S  Men's 4-7, Women's 5-8
01F-M  M  Men's 7-10, Women's 8-11
01F-L  L  Men's 10-13, Women's 11-15
01F-XL  XL  Men's 13+

Brace Specifications:

Part#Size Height of Brace  Max Foot Width (at toes)  Max Calf Circumference 
 01F-P  Pediatric  12.25" (31 cm)  4" (10 cm)  14" (36 cm)
 01F-S  Small  12.5" (32 cm)  4.5" (12cm)  14" (36cm)
 01F-M  Medium  13.75" (35cm)  5" (12.7cm)  16" (41cm)
 01F-L  Large  14.875" (38cm)  5.5" (14cm)  26" (66cm)


 XLarge  17.0" (64cm)

 5.63" (14.3cm)

 26" (66cm)


  • The Aircast FP walking brace includes two pneumatic air bladders on either side of the ankle.
  • Hard shell composition rubber for semi rigid flexibility.
  • Weighs 2-5 lbs. 
    • Small - 2.0lbs
      Medium - 3.5lbs
      Large -4.1lbs
      XL- 4.6lbs
  • Liners can be hand washed and air dryed.

The walker comes with a 6-month Walking Brace Quality Warranty which assures the brace is free from defects in materials and workmanship. The manufacturer will repair or replace a defective FP walker at no charge to the customer.

It's well made and it's lasting
The boot seems very well made. It's been a couple of months now since I purchased it from DME-Direct and it's holding up very well and not coming apart like my last boot. Thank you!
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Comfortable to Walk In
I've been using the boot now for two weeks to rest a tendon in my foot. It's very comfortable to walk in.
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Not helping my condition...
My thought are the air cells or bladders they call them are not comfortable the side on my left foot outside they only stay with air for half hour the other side deflates after and hour.If I went walking and forgot the bulb that inflates My ankle moves. Also it makes my foot slide. When sleeping my ankle doesn't stay in place since the air. the most air I put in was 4 pumps. In the video the values are in the back of the shoe. I have to say the value on the out side pushes on the nerve on that side I hurt now travel up my leg the pain.
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Why I gave this 5 stars
I am writing this review in hopes this will help others. I ruptured my plantar fascia. I bought this boot in hopes of some relief to be able to walk better. This boot has made that possible!! I give this a 5 star rating on the basis that the boot arrived exactly on time. Don't expect there still won't be pain. I knew that wouldn't happen. But it makes it a whole lot better! Now at least I can walk around.
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Easy to use and provided immediate relief from a Peroneus Brevis split injury...hoping to avoid surgery.
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Glad that they make a pediatric size also!
As a pediatrician, I see a lot of foot and ankle injuries. The Aircast FP Walker in the Pediatric size iis a very good choice for grade-school children. We have experienced faster recovery times using this product - and its so much more supportive and comfortable for the child. Thanks for keeping these in stock for us.
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Q&A for Aircast FP Walker/Walking Brace

  • From Gloria J.
    • Q: I need to replace my FP Walker, Medium 01F-M and this boot appears to be the same one. Can you confirm that it is? Thank you.
    • A: Yes this is the same boot.
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  • From Florence
    • Q: How much does this boot weigh?
    • A: The FP walker weighs 3.0 to 4.3 pounds depending on the exact size of boot.
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