Hockey Knee Braces

The correct knee brace for hockey players should provide lightweight ligament and patella control for injury support. Our selection of hockey knee brace products and knee supports are designed for ice hockey, field hockey, and street hockey players needing to protect the knee joint. Hockey players prefer bracing that is comfortable and allows for full range of movement, and our brace support selection is perfect for mild knee conditions and injuries like ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL ligament injuries. They're low profile and lightweight yet strong enough for sports with direct impact like hockey. If you love to play hockey or want to protect your knees after a ligament sprain or post ACL reconstruction, then try knee brace for hockey today.

To help you find the correct knee hockey brace you need to know:

Where is your knee pain?

The first step in answering this question involves determining what types of symptoms you're having when your knee hurts.  Ask yourself:

Any unusual popping or cracking sounds in my knee?

As we age our knee joint natural makes cracking and popping sounds so an unusual noise does not always indicate something is wrong with the knee. But if there's a sound that's heard when you fall or twist your knee , then it could be something more serious like an injury to the cartilage, ligaments or tendons.

Does my knee lock on me?

When your knee gets stuck or a knee lockup is felt, it's unmistakable. It often feels like there's something stuck inside the joint much like something being wedge inside a door to prevent it from opening or closing. To unlock the knee often involves a bit of wriggling to clear the joint so that normal movement is restored. Most times this indicates some sort of damage to the meniscus cartilage within the knee which can be caused by a tear, old age, and a direct blow to the side of the knee. this indicates damaged meniscus (cartilage) within the knee. 

Does my knee buckle on me or “give way”?

The feeling of your knee buckling or giving way is many times caused by having a ligament injury that makes you feel like you have no strength especially if the knee bends or twists the wrong way. A sudden blow to the knee can result in severe pain, swelling, making the knee buckle .

Is the swelling ok or severe?

With most types of knee injuries there is swelling that accompanies the injury.  Sudden swelling that is severe can indicate a collateral ligament injury or a cartilage tear.

To help protect your knee before an injury occurs or to get back out on the ice again after recovering from a knee injury, it's important to consider the right type of knee brace.  The right brace will provide both support and help reduce pain.  



Types of Knee Brace

Different knee brace products all serve a different purpose and they provide various levels of support and protection to the joint. Basic sleeves provide warmth for the joint, provide basic support, and are good for general muscle strains and swelling. On the other hand, advanced knee braces have hinges to provide maximum support for damaged cartilage and help protect against ligament injuries. Read on to find the best knee brace for your condition.

Sleeve Braces

Sleeves are good for minor injuries like strains, bruises, general swelling, and provide compression to the joint and soft tissues to help retain heat and improve circulation.

Stabilizer Braces

Stabiliser Braces are similar to sleeves but they do provide a great feeling of support and have adjustable straps and are stabilizing for the patella (kneecap).  They also can have side bars for bracing the side of the knee. 

Hinged Braces

Advanced level braces are designed to provide the highest level of stability, protection, and support. They;re best for ligament damage, but can also be used for cartilage injuries and knee instability to prevent the knee from giving way. They have thicker lateral hinges on the sides  specifically to support the knee during everyday activity and high impact sports like skiing or hockey or skiing. These offer the best support for very competitive hockey players. 

The correct knee brace for hockey players should provide lightweight ligament and patella control for injury support. Our selection

Hockey Knee Braces

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