Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe

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Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe
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Designed for the serious athlete, the Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe helps protect weak or injured knees by providing maximum medial-lateral support for ligament protection. The adjustable Triaxial hinges are designed to prevent injury and provide weak or injured knees with protection during competition or rehabilitation.The Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe tracks the complex motion of your knee joint to ensure maximum support and performance.

Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe Features:

  • Adjustable top and bottom straps provide controlled compression and a custom fit.
  • Open back helps reduce bunching with sectional design for easy on/off.
  • Extra long 16" length for maximum stability.
  • Removable / trimmable patella buttress can be cut to desired shape.
  • Ensures proper tracking and positioning around kneecap.
  • Triaxial hinges follow track the motion of the knee better than polycentric hinges.
  • Adjustable extension stops at 10°, 20°, and 30° for range of motion control - Includes a Lockout Tool Kit.
  • Adjustable straps above below knee for comfort.
  • Available in six sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.

The Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe may be used to treat:

  • Ligament sprains.
  • Weak or injured knees.
  • Subluxating patellas.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure 7" above center of knee and 7" below center of knee - if measurements indicate two different sizes, choose larger size.

 Size   Thigh Circumference   Calf Circumference 
 S  17-18 in  13-14 in
 M  19-20 in  14-15 in
 L  21-22 in  15-16 in
 XL   23-24 in  16-17 in
 2XL  25-26 in  17-18 in
 3XL  27-28 in  18-19 in



Contains natural rubber latex.


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Q&A for Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe

  • From Johnny Ringo
    • Q: Would you recommend this brace for a WR/DB returning from a torn LCL injury?
    • A: The Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace provides very good support and protection for a healing lateral collateral ligament sprain injury.
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