MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Back Brace

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MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Back Brace
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  • Elastic material for uniform compression and support.
  • Provides a contoured, low profile fit
  • Includes side pulls for greater compression.
  • Worn underneath or over clothing.
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Regular Price: $47.95

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The MedSpec Back-n-Shape II back brace delivers compression and effective support with an elastic design for men and women.  The product double side pulls that can be pulled around towards the front to create added abdominal compression.  The brace is tapered in the front for added comfort and can be worn underneath or over existing clothing.  The MedSpec Back-n-Shape II can accommodate an optional heat moldable plastic insert to increase the amount of support and rigidity in the back of the brace.  The insert combined with the contoured fit creates a the best of both worlds - a low profile fit with added support for your lumbar spine region.  The Back-n-Shape II can be used for sprains, strains, low back pain, herniated disc injuries, and more.

MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Features:

  • Features elastic material for uniform compression and support.
  • Low profile design can be worn under or over clothing.
  • Double side pulls create additional abdominal compression.
  • Contoured design provides a better fit for female patients with wider hips.
  • manufactured in the US for greater quality control.
  • Thermoplastic insert (optional): can be molded to individual patient for customized support. Insert sold separately. Item #16300.
  • Available in five sizes to fit every size individual - see sizing chart tab.

Available Color: Black.


The MedSpec Back-n-Shape II back brace may be used to treat:

  • Herniated discs.
  • Disc protrusions.
  • Lumbar strains.
  • Lumbar sprains.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Lumbar osteoarthritis.
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease.
  • Degenerative joint disease.
  • Chronic low back pain.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart: Measure the dimension s of the waist as shown below.

MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Back Brace

  •  Durable elastic material construction.
Good quality and well made
This is a replacement for my grandmother's brace. She's used the Back-n-Shape II for the last 10 years. Customer service was helpful and helped me choose the correct size (xlarge) for her waist. Thank you.
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No more pain...
I fell off a latter last week and the doctor recommended using the same brace that their office was selling for $250, so I ordered it here. Very pleased.
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Fast delivery appreciated
5/5 stars. Got the brace in 2 days for my daughter as requested. Good price, good service!
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Does what it says
Does what it says and the sizing was accurate. I bought a Large and it fits perfectly around my waist. The pain is roughly 50% better since using it for a week.
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If you strain your lower back...
My friend recommended I try using this after I pinched a nerve in my lower back. It fit comfortably around my lumbar arrea and gave me the support that I needed to be able to return to work and keep going. This was a good pruchase.
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well made back support
The brace seams well made. I've used other MedSpec products in the past and when I pullded my back I decided to try out this Back n Shape II to give me ome relief. The brace fits low and the straps are easy to tighten so you get the compression you need to help with the pain. I showed my doctor the brace and he approved.
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Q&A for MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Back Brace

  • From Vanessa
    • Q: What is this made out of? My insurance will only cover it if it has rigid material in it.

    • A: The MedSpec Back-n-Shape II is made from nylon and polyester material. It also has plastic components to provide additional support for your lower back.
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