MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket

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MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket
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  • Provides premium support and abdominal compression.
  • Side pulls and nylon circumferential seat belt style strap for added compression.
  • Well suited for multi-level back injuries.
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Regular Price: $67.99

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The MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket provides a high degree of support and protection for patients with multiple level spine injuries.  The product is made with a heavy duty medical grade material that is designed for greater support and durability with daily wear.  The product features a semi-flexible abdominal panel in the front and can be ordered with an optional thermoplastic moldable insert for enhanced support in the rear of the brace.  The heat-sensitive insert can be heated, molded, and then slid into it's own pocket on the inside, posterior aspect of the brace for more customized support.   The MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermo Pocket & Moldable Insert uses a no-stretch nylon circumferential strap to provide a seat belt feeling for greater abdominal compression that's well liked by physicians and patients.  Additional side pulls can be pulled around towards the front and applied to add greater abdominal compression.

MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket Features:

  • Durable medical grade material for increased longevity and durability.
  • Semi-flexible abdominal panel provides enhanced compression in the front and helps patients to refrain from bending over.
  • Non-stretch "seatbelt" strap provides uniform circumferential compression.
  • Contoured design fits males & females.
  • Hand assist strap allows for easy application and securing of product.
  • Can be fitted with optional thermoplastic insert. Can be molded for patients customized support. Insert sold separately. Item #163000.
  • Manufactured in the US for greater quality control.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.

Available Colors:  Black.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0626.


The MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket can be used to treat:

  • Herniated discs.
  • Disc protrusions.
  • Lumbar strains.
  • Lumbar sprains.
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Lumbar osteoarthritis.
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease.
  • Degenerative joint disease.
  • Chronic low back pain.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket

  •  Medical grade material for durability.
Great brace
I have L3-L4, L4-5 herniations and wanted a better brace than the one I was using which finally wore out. This model has more nylon in the constructions and it's really strong and durable. I got the optional insert and heated it with our hair dryer and molded it very easily. The brace provides great support any which way I try to move. Definitely recommend it. Thanks.
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Q&A for MedSpec Back-n-Black with Thermoplastic Pocket

  • From Ann Spindlow
    • Q: It says this brace discourages you from bending over. Does that mean you aren't able to bend down to pick something up or exercise in the brace?
    • A: The Back-n-Black with the optional Thermoplastic Panel provides a high level of stability and motion restriction for back injuries. The brace panels and front closure design will encourage people to not bend over which can lead to reinjury.
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