Aircast Leg Brace with Anterior Panel

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Aircast Leg Brace with Anterior Panel
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Aircast's Leg Brace provides additional compression and support for stress fractures and leg injuries. Available with or without the anterior panel.

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The Aircast Leg Brace provides full lower leg support and graduated compression for stress fractures and lower leg injuries. The shells lined with the Duplex system of pre-inflated air cells provide functional management of stress fractures and specific kinds of stable fractures of the lower leg. The brace allows full movement at the ankle, early weight-bearing after injury, and fits inside all shoe types.

The product is available as a standard Leg Brace or as the Aircast Leg Brace with Anterior Panel for additional tibial protection and support. Full air shell compression on the sides of the leg coupled with an additional long anterior panel down the front provides added rigidity for stress fractures, shin splints, and overuse injuries enabling faster healing.  

Aircast Leg Brace Features:

  • Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells to stabilize and protect the leg.
  • Overlapping aircell design reduces swelling and pain with walking.
  • Promotes circulation for fast healing.
  • Compresses and protects the lower leg and ankle within a regular shoe.
  • Comfort and security encourage early return to function, protected.
  • Two sizes: Small - 13" tall, and Universal - 15.5" tall.
  • Can be ordered Standard as a stirrup (no anterior panel) or with the removable Anterior (front) panel to provide greater immobilization.
  • Right/left specific - please see our sizing chart tab above for additional sizing guidelines.
  • A sock is included with each leg brace.
  • Adjustable velcro strapping for a comfortable fit.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC Code: L4370

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The Aircast Leg Brace is ideally suited for treating:

  • Stable lower leg fractures.
  • Graduated fracture management (stable fractures).
  • Chronic pain and swelling associated with stress fractures.
  • Shin splints (leg brace with anterior panel is recommended for this application).
Sizing chart

 Sizing Chart:

The Aircast Leg brace w/anteriorpanel comes in a Universal Adult Size and a Small Adult Size for shorter adults.

Right Left Product Description Brace Length
03CR 03CL Small Leg Brace (Standard) 13" (33 cm)
03DR 03DL Small Leg Brace with Panel 13" (33 cm)
03AR 03AL Universal Leg Brace (Standard) 15.5" (39 cm)
03BR 03BL Universal Leg Brace with Panel 15.5" (39 cm)


  • The brace features a semi-rigid outer plastic shell design with pre-filled overlapping aircells on the inside closest to the skin.
This aircast long leg brace works
My orthopedic doctor recommended this to help my fibula fracture healing time. It fit inside my shoe easily and wasn't bulky at all.
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Quick delivery appreciated
The fast shipping to the UK is appreciated - nobody else had my size in stock. Thank you!
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Helped the stress fractures in my leg
This helped the pain from the stress fractures in my leg. The doctor said this would help the discomfort I kept feeling when I was walking. I got the size 03AL and it fit snug but comfortably - just adjusted the velcro straps and it was perfect.
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stress fracture support
This is a nice brace for lower extremity injuries because the patient can weight-bear and not feel the strain (as the lower leg is fully supported). Some of the stress fractures that we see benefit more from this than using a heavy cam boot which feels a bit cumbersome and can be considered over-kill for a stress fracture. Our clinic uses this product and we also have the standard aircast air stirrups in stock for typical ankle sprains.
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