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Thuasne Genu Promaster Knee Brace

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$94.99 $83.95
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Short Description

Genu Promaster by Thuasne provides optimized support for the knee and precise stabilization of the kneecap; Ideal for sports and everyday activity.

Thuasne Genu Promaster Knee Brace

$94.99 $83.95

The Thuasne Genu Promaster provides patella support and enhanced knee support with activity and sports.  The silicone Y-Pad provides precise patella support with movement. Knubs on the buttress provides a massaging effect while the distal area of the pad is cut out to relieve pressure on the edge of the shinbone. The 3D knit material wicks moisture away from the skin and breathes for excellent wearing comfort.  The Genu Promaster's knit pattern has been optimized to ensure that compression decreases from the center of the joint to the edge of the brace. The resulting soft, wave-shaped change in compression guarantees a perfect fit and prevents the brace from pinching. It's ideal for general support with athletics, arthritis, knee strains/sprains.

Thuasne Genu Promaster Features:

  • Provides optimized support and precise patella control.
  • 3D knit provides compression and breathes for enhanced comfort.
  • Unique Silicone Y-Tab stabilizes the kneecap and relieves pressure on the shinbone.
  • Premium knitting techniques prevent pinching and keeps the brace perfectly fitted.
  • Ideal for general sports use, arthritis, sprains, and everyday activity.
  • Available in 11 sizes - See sizing chart for measurement/fit help.