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Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace

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$94.99 $82.99
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Thuasne's Genu Dynastab provides extra support and stability for sprains and ligament injuries.

Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace

$94.99 $82.99

The Thuasne Genu Dynastab is high quality knitted knee brace with bi-axial hinges for injury support. It features semi-rigid strapping that provides extra support and prevents migration while the dual-hinge design provides maximum stability. The straps are semi-circular to avoid the risk of a tourniquet effect. Comfort zones with increased stretch around the back of the knee and around the thigh enhance brace fit and performance. Ideal for mild to moderate sprains and chronic knee laxity.

Thuasne Genu Dynastab Features:

  • TM5 Hinge mimics knee joint motion.
  • Thigh/calf suspension straps prevent brace migration.
  • Non-slip silicon integration into weave improves fit and comfort.
  • Six sizes - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart tab for and measurement instructions.


The Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace is indicated for:

  • Sprains.
  • Mild to moderate ligament injuries.
  • Chronic laxity.