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Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Brace

Thuasne SKU: 217002
$87.99 $74.99
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Thuasne's Ligastrap Genu delivers compression and support for daily activity.

Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Brace

$87.99 $74.99

The Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Brace provides ligament support and compression. The figure eight strapping provides adjustable stabilization for the knee that supports the 26mmHg compression level supplied by the sleeve.  The elastic knit is anatomically-shaped for a snug, optimal fit around the thigh, calf, and popliteal space behind the knee.  The Ligastrap Genu offers mild to moderate support for sprains and strains, and compression support for sports and daily activity.

Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Brace Features: 

  • Provides support and compression with daily activity.
  • Numbered figure eight strapping offers extra stabilization.
  • Anatomically-shaped elastic knit for optimal thigh, calf, and popliteal comfort
  • Patented pull tabs ensure easy application and removal.
  • 26 mmHg sleeve compression.
  • Fits Right or Left.
  • Six sizes - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: A4467

The Ligastrap Genu is indicated for mild ligament sprains, general knee support, knee strains, mild osteoarthritis, and anterior knee pain.