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Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Open Knee Brace

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$119.99 $103.99
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Short Description

Thuasne's Genu Ligaflex Open Knee brace provides knee stability and protection for sports and daily living activities. 

Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Open Knee Brace

$119.99 $103.99

The Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Open Knee Brace is designed for the resumption of non-contact sports and activities of daily living after mild or moderate knee injuries. It's designed to provide comfort, support, and stabilization for knee injuries. The Genu Ligaflex Open aluminum uprights provide lateral stability,

Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Open Knee Brace Features:

  • Flexible knitted areas in the popliteal space, patella,and thigh for comfort.
  • Semi-rounded straps for easy application.
  • Pre-contoured uprights provide anatomical fit.
  • Aluminum uprights provide medial-lateral stability.
  • TM5 Hinges mimic the natural motion of the knee.
  • Dual tab calf strap enhances brace suspension.
  • Integrated anti-slip silicone located inside.
  • Dual tab strapping system enables a precise fit.
  • 12" length, open patella, anterior closure (wraparound) design.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1820