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M-Brace Thumb Spica

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Short Description

  • Microfiber lined for premium comfort.
  • Removable thumb attachment slides its their own pocket.
  • Suitable alternative for patients with skin sensitivities.
  • Extremely comfortable alternative to neoprene and elastic varieties.

M-Brace Thumb Spica


The M-Brace Thumb Spica provides breathable microfiber comfort and effective immobilization for injuries to your thumb.  The neoprene-free model features a thumb spica attachment accessory that attaches to the brace (part #137) to provide your thumb with the right amount of support.  The piece is malleable and secures in place for a worry-free fit. The M Brace Thumb Spica is right/left specific and comes in two sizes for a great fit. It can be used for treating arthritis, sprains, ligament injuries. The Italian-made design is one of our more comfortable products - a great alternative for patients with skin sensitivities to neoprene.

M-Brace Wrist Splint #137

M-Brace Thumb Spica Features:

  • "Regular" size fits most - refer to sizing chart tab for sizing specifics.
  • Anatomically shaped palmar stay on the bottom.
  • Includes: One anodized aluminum palmar stay anatomically shaped; One light aluminum custom moldable dorsal stay on top; One light aluminum custom moldable ulnar stay; Swiftly adjustable and user friendly locking system.
  • One hand needed to put it on/ take off.
  • Made of breathable, natural materials.
  • Breathable microfiber (whatever surface is in contact with the patient's skin).
  • No allergies or dermatitis.
  • Washable.

The M-Brace Thumb Spica can be used to treat:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Thumb tendinosis/tendonitis.
  • Post-trauma and rehab phase.
  • Gamekeepers Thumb.
  • Arthritis.