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M-Brace #35 Thumb Splint Brace

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Short Description

  • Provides unparalleled comfort with a low profile design. 
  • Made out of breathable cotton velour.
  • Moldable aluminum thumb piece for customizing support.

M-Brace #35 Thumb Splint Brace


The M-Brace #35 Thumb Splint #35 provides the comfort of cotton velour with a lightweight malleable Rizofix thumb piece for effective immobilization.  The patented rizofix feature that immobilizes thumb and allows for easy positioning, and molded enabling the M-Brace Thumb Splint to provide a precise, customized fit. 

This thumb splint features 100% natural cotton velour that is hypoallergenic, neoprene-free, and breathable for individuals with skin sensitivities. The low profile design is more comfortable to wear compared to traditional length thumb splint products while providing a very high degree of immobilization for your thumb. It's well-suited for tendonitis, rehab, and post-op relief.

M-Brace #35 Thumb Splint Features:

  • Made from 100% breathable cotton velour.
  • Features a bendable, lightweight aluminum support thumb piece that can be molded for exact positioning.
  • Low profile design offers patient comfort.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Opens and closes completely with velcro closure for easy fitting.
  • Available in left or right.
  • Thumb splint available in three sizes - see sizing chart tab.

The M-Brace #35 Thumb Splint is routinely used to treat:

  • De Quervains.
  • Thumb sprains/strains.
  • Basal joint arthritis.
  • Carpal-metacarpal fractures.
  • Tendonitis.

M-Brace #35 Wrist Splint