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Hely Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap #2801

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Hely Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap #2801
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  • Applies effective compression to the ulnar side of the wrist.
  • Treats mild TFCC tenderness.
  • Non-slip design stays in place on your wrist.
  • Fits right and left sides.

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The Hely Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap (#2801) provides effective support and compression for ulnar wrist pain (pinky side of the wrist).  The product features a neoprene wrap with a non-slip interior that grabs around the wrist to resist rotation.  A second, outer strap with an ulnar "pad" is applied to provide additional compression directed into the ulnar side of the wrist to help relieve pain.  The Hely Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap is fully adjustable with its one size fits all design.  The product is ideally suited for treating mild TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) tenderness.

Hely-Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap Features:

  • Provides compression directed towards the ulnar aspect of your wrist.
  • Non-slip design stays in place instead of rotation out of position.
  • Second strap applies focused compression toward the outside aspect for a comfortable "squeeze:
  • Compressive and comfortable wrist support effective for treatment of ulnar wrist pain where compression helps.
  • One size fits all design.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: None


The Hely Weber Squeeze Ulnar Compression Wrap can be used to treat:

  • Ulnar side (pinky side) wrist pain.
  • Mild TFCC tenderness.

Sizing chart

Universal, one size fits most.

  • Standard neoprene material for support.
  • Non-slip material used inside in the liner.
Very helpful and supportive
I have carpal tunnel and my Physical Therapist recommended this wrist "Squeeze" to help strengthen and support the ulnar area of my wrist. Daily I do my strengthening exercises and just go about my daily routine, often wearing the Squeeze. It makes a tremendous difference in pain relief and ulnar support, helping me remember my limitations to move more carefully and be aware of positions that aggravate my condition. I highly recommend this product for its support and very good quality. And DME Direct offered me a wonderful deal for being a new customer...thank you!
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Wouldn't want to do without it
I had an issue with tendonitis involving my ulnar tendon and ended up having surgery. In my recovery my physical therapist recommended this particular brace for support while doing physical labor/computer work and I love it. Other wrist braces provide general support which is nice but this one targets the area around the ulnar specifically which is where I need the support. It's easy to wash, extremely comfortable (at times I forget I have it on) and is very unobtrusive (appearing to be just a wrist band) so it doesn't signal, "I have a wrist injury please ask me for every detail about it".
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Good fit
This brace fits well and is comfortable. It actually makes my wrist feel better just having it on. Seems to be well constructed.
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