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Hely Weber Modabber Wrist Splint/Brace

Hely & Weber SKU: 5818/5819
$27.99 $23.96
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Short Description

  • Provides comfortable immobilization for the wrist.
  • Perforated neoprene construction.
  • Malleable/removable aluminum palmar stay.
  • Available in short (5819) and long (5818) lengths.

Hely Weber Modabber Wrist Splint/Brace

$27.99 $23.96

The Hely Weber Modabber Wrist Brace/Splint #5818, 5819 provides ample support and comfortable protection for wrist injuries.  The Modabber splint is available in both a short (model #5819), and a long (model #5818) length for providing effective immobilization for short and tall individuals.  KUHL™ perforated neoprene provides compression and comfort with all day wear. The Modabber wrist brace has a moldable stay on the palm side that can be removed and shaped if necessary.  The neoprene material provides a contoured fit that's snug yet supportive.  It's great brace that's comfortable enough for all day wear. The Modabber Wrist splint features a patient assist strap that makes fitting possible using just one hand.  It's well suited for treating wrist sprains, strains, carpal tunnel pain, and more.

Hely Weber Kuhl Modabber Wrist Splint/Brace (Short-5819/Long-5818) Features:

  • Hely Weber KUHL Modabber Wrist brace features a malleable/removable palmar stay.
  • Constructed of Kuhl perforated neoprene - allows moisture to escape.
  • Retains warmth and provides compression.
  • 4-way stretch of neoprene ensures brace conforms to the contours of your hand.
  • Patient assist strap makes one-handed application easy.
  • Universal sizing for both the right and left wrist.
  • Product comes in a standard or a pediatric size, and has a Short #5819 6", as well as, a Long #5818 8" version (2 straps). The Short version has only one strap, and the Long version has two straps.
  • Pediatric available for even smaller wrist circumferences - See SIze & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3908.

The Hely Weber Modabber Splint may be used to treat wrist injuries including:

  • Pediatric and adult forearm fractures, Post-cast removal (Long version).
  • Wrist sprains & strains.
  • Wrist fractures, post-cast removal.
  • Distal radial fractures, post-cast (Long version).
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Night splinting.

"Rigid immobilization (unless absolutely necessary ) should be avoided as it leads to increased stiffness and lengthy rehabilitation. Our preference is to always mobilize any joints adjacent to injuries.
Keeping patients as active as possible during recovery (in a safe manner) is the basic tenet of all sports medicine and is echoed in the design and materials of these braces"

Dr. Ramin Modabber, Santa Monica Orthopedic Group