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Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis #434, 444

Hely & Weber SKU: 434,444
$24.99 $20.61
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Short Description

  • Suede material provides all day comfort.
  • Lace-up closure straps for quick fitting.
  • Customizable stays are removable.
  • Popular with physicians and patients.


Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis #434, 444

$24.99 $20.61

The Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis #434, 444 provides comfortable, effective support in your choice of a short or forearm length version.  The product features a perforated suede covering laminated to a poly-felt liner that provides a comfortable feeling against your skin.  The lace-up closure design is attached to a single hook and loop fastener on the shorter 8" #434 and to two fasteners on the #444 for easy tightening around your wrist.  The inside of the Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis has a stockinette connecting the two edges underneath the lacer portion which makes it easier to slip your hand through and fasten in seconds.  Two malleable, removable stays are located on the top (dorsal) and bottom (palmar) aspect for customizing the support to your liking.  The products is well suited for treating wrist sprains and tendonitis, and for those wanted added support and immobilization the 10" 444 is the way to go.

Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis #434, 444 Features:

  • Constructed of perforated black suede laminated to moisture moving poly-felt.
  • Contoured design provides a secure fit and allows full finger and thumb function.
  • Lacing design fastens easily with one hand.
  • Stockinette tongue eases application.
  • Aluminum palmar and dorsal stays are malleable and removable.
  • Available in two versions to suit every need - short vs. long.
  • Sized for a perfect fit - see sizing chart tab.

Available Colors: Black

Available Versions: Reference below when ordering from the pulldown menu above.

  • Short  (model #434): Features an eight inch length.
  • Long (model #444): Features a ten inch length.

The Hely Weber Suede Lacing Wrist Orthosis #434/444 may be used to treat:

  • Wrist sprains and strains.
  • Tendonitis.