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Hely Weber Gel Wrist Wrap #3846

Hely & Weber SKU: 3846
$49.99 $46.18
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Short Description

Hely Weber Gel Wrist wrap provides padded protection. Lubricates the skin with minerals. Softens skin an scar incision sites. Perfect for carpal tunnel release and more.

Hely Weber Gel Wrist Wrap #3846

$49.99 $46.18

The Gel Wrist Wrap #3846 with visco-gel acts as a shock absorber while supporting the wrist. The unique silicone gel insert with mineral oil to provide the skin with lubricants and moisturizes the skin, keeping it supple.  The Hely Weber Gel Wrist Wrap features perforated neoprene construction for breathability, and provides support and padded protection for wrist/hand injuries.

Hely Weber Gel Wrist Wrap #3846 Features:

  • Contoured vitamin E infused mineral oil gel pad is an excellent shock absorber, aids in scar maturation, and eases the discomfort of pillar pain.
  • Patient assist strap for easy of application.
  • Universal sizing fits all patients.
  • Aluminum palmal stay is removable and malleable for custom fit.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3908.

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  • Carpal Tunnel release.
  • Everyday activity where additional wrist padding is needing ie key board work.