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Hely Weber Titan Wrist - Lacing Orthosis


hely weber

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hely Weber Titan Wrist Brace - Lacing Orthosis #450, 452

USD 450/452-*

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Hely Weber Authorized
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  • Provides excellent comfort and adjustable support.
  • Easy lacing closure system.
  • Available in short (#450) and long (#452) lengths.
  • A favorite of physicians and patients.
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Simply put, the Hely Weber Titan Wrist Brace #450, 452 is a great product.  Physicians and patients love its features and all around comfort compared to traditionally styled products.  It's made out of a softer orthopedic felt which gives it its softness, and for durability, a brushed nylon covering has been added to the outside.  Cinching it up requires a single hand with its lacer closure design.  The Titan wrist brace comes in two lengths: a short #450 version (most popular) that's 6" in length and a long 10" #452 style for tall individuals.  The palmar stay underneath is molded to the contours of your wrist and is removable, while the dorsal stay on top is located in its own nylon pocket which can also be adjusted or removable altogether without affecting the workings of the brace.  The Hely Weber Titan Wrist can be used for sprains, carpal tunnel, and for recovery after surgery.  Feel the difference a great brace like the Titan wrist brace can make in your recovery.

Titan Wrist Brace Features:

  • Adjustable lacer system fastens with just one hand.
  • Anatomically contoured palm side stay is malleable for customization and can be removed at any time.
  • Fits below the palmar crease for full finger dexterity.
  • Dorsal stay pod can be adjusted proximal or distal for desired level of dorsiflexion restriction.
  • On small hands, the eyelets will clam shell over the laces for a smooth overlap.
  • Fits wrist circumference 4.5- 9.5". XS and XL available, please call to order.
  • Universal sizing - right and left specific.
  • Subtle differences in the palmar and dorsal stay capability - please refer below"

Hely Weber Titan Wrist Versions:

  • Short (model #450): Palmar and dorsal stays are removable and slide back into their respective pockets which are both stitched into the brace.
  • Long (model #452): Palmar stay is removable and slides back into its stitched in pocket. The dorsal stay on top is contained inside a removable "pod" - which can be pulled off and reattached on top altogether for greater customization.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3914.


  • Night splinting.
  • Wrist fractures, post-cast removal.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Wrist sprains & strains.

Hely Weber Titan Wrist Brace - Lacing Orthosis #450, 452

  •  The Titan wrist brace is constructed of soft, comfortable orthopedic felt laminated to brushed nylon exterior.

Hely Weber Titan Wrist Brace - Lacing Orthosis #450, 452 Reviews

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  1. Very Very comfortable compared to my last wrist brace Review by Jennifer

    I have had arthritis in my wrist for twenty years now and have tried many styles of wrist braces but none were as comfortable as this Titan wrist brace. I find it's very easy to apply and the materials are more comfortable against my skin. It doesn't let my wrist bend and keeps it straight when I'm working on my computer or doing things at home. This was by far one of my better purchases for this type of product. Much appreciated.

  2. Excellent wrist/thumb support Review by George Babcock

    My Titan wrist brace delivers what it promises and is comfortable as well. No uncomfortable spots experienced with wearing it all day long. Very well made - good value.

  3. Very pleased Review by Catlady

    I had major arm/wrist surgery in December and when it was time for the stitches to come out my doctor ordered a wrist brace instead of a cast. I had an ulnar shortening done. So, I had worn the doctor issued brace, which after my insurance paid their share, still cost me over $100.00. I was not expecting to wear the brace more than four weeks. Well, the bone did not heal and I was told another 5 weeks in the brace. By now the brace was looking shabby and worn. I had a trip coming up and did not want the worn one to have to go with me. So, I searched the Internet and found it at DME-Direct and the price was fantastic! The prices offered by DME-Direct are so much better than anywhere else, and they are the same products an orthopedist office would issue you at a much higher price.

  4. Excellent! Review by Jim

    I looked around for a better price when I needed a second brace because I thought I was overcharged by the local medical supply house where I got my first one. DME simply had the best prices, and so I ordered from there. I was happy with the brace I already had, so I looked for one that was as close a match as possible. I thought I had it exactly matched, but the brace that arrived was just ever so slightly different in construction. This might have been because they changed them in the year or so since I got the first one. In any case, the new brace is even better made and more comfortable than the first! I'm extremely happy, and plan to order another in the near future. For what it's worth, I have no trouble sleeping with this brace on.

  5. Best brace for me Review by Bill

    Tried others but keep coming back for these. Have used them for 7.5 years so far!

  6. Great support! Review by Scott Grasher

    If I need to order another product, I will definitely order it from DME Direct. The person on the line was helpful. I was able to track my product and it arrived rather quickly. I was so happy with the overall experience with DME Direct and the wrist brace is exactly the support that I need. I gave my OT the information to refer her clients.

  7. Titan wrist - excellent quality Review by Seth

    Have owned several wrist braces. This is far and away the best for comfort and support. I've used in a long time.

  8. Helps my carpel tunnel Review by Rachel

    I work at a desk all day and I have carpel tunnel pain constantly. These braces are wonderful and supportive.

  9. Great support and comfort for my wrist Review by Sandy

    Just what I was looking for and it arrived so quickly - I was amazed. Thanks

  10. Excellent product/ timely delivery Review by Karen

    About 5 years ago, my hands started to tingle and become numb when I used my computer and when I drove my car. I went to a local medical supply store and purchased Hely Weber Titan Wrist braces. They worked wonders! Eventually, I only needed to use them when doing computer work, not while driving. When they wore out after about 18 months of everyday use (not unreasonable), and I returned to the store where I had purchased them, the braces were not in stock. I started purchasing them on the internet instead. DME Direct's prices are excellent compared to competitors, and it seems to me that they mail their products to customers immediately. I was so shocked when my new braces arrived within a couple of days even though I did not put a rush on the order.

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