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Ossur AFO Light

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Ossur AFO Light


  • Made of a flex-foot carbon fiber design for dynamic energy return.
  • Lightweight and fits easily inside shoes.
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The Ossur AFO Light provides foot drop support only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a lightweight cosmetically-appealing look. The orthosis features shock absorbing Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber to assist with propulsion and ground clearance for a more normalized gait pattern. The AFO Light offers a strong and lightweight carbon fiber AFO solution for people with mild to moderate drop foot caused by different neurological conditions.

The Ossur AFO Light drop foot brace is both lightweight and durable enough for daily use inside all types of shoes.  The heel strut is padded for comfort and has a calf strap that secures the product in place yet allows for easy donning and doffing.  The product allows for controlled ankle plantar flexion during initial contact with the ground for enhanced stability and throughout the foot and ankle during walking.

Ossur AFO Light Features:

  • Flex-foot technology provides dynamic motion and energy return (assisted propulsion of the limb at toe off).
  • Carbon fiber design provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Composed of a footplate, posterior strut, and a calf piece.
  • Silicone padding and a thermo-formable tube cover the heel part of the posterior spring.
  • Calf-piece is connected to the posterior spring via an elastic band.
  • Has excellent weight to strength ratio for enhanced durability.
  • Lightweight design - fits easily inside a shoe.
  • Unique footplate design has a stiffness gradient at the heel and toe. The response becomes stiffer when extra support is needed with a heavy individual, and less stiff when used by a smaller, less heavy person.
  • Gait assistance:  Receives gradual plantar flexion at initial contact when taking a step, and provides medial-lateral stability at mid-stance as the person progresses their body weight over the foot.
  • Supports the foot for ground-clearance during swing phase.
  • Suggested weight range: up to 220 lbs (100kg).
  • Four sizes to fit adults - See our sizing chart tab above for measurement instructions.

NOTE: The Ossur AFO Light is not intended to be used for severe ankle/foot deformities, severe spasticity, M-L instability, fluctuation edema or extreme activity.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC:  L1930


The Ossur AFO Light drop foot brace can be used to treat:

  • Mild to moderate foot drop caused by neorological injuries.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

* the height at the thickest part of the calf
** the length of the posterior spring
Part number        
   Right Leg O-121012 O-121014 O-121016 O-121018
   Left Leg O-121022 O-121024 O-121026 O-121028
Shoe Size        
   Male Up to 7.5 8 - 10.5 11 - 14 12 - 15
   Female 7 - 9 9.5 - 12    
Foot size 8.75 - 9.5"
9.5 - 10.5"
10.5 - 11.5"
(27 - 29cm)
11.5 - 12.5"
Foot plate 8.75"
Calf height* 12.5 - 14.25"
13.5 - 15"
14.25 - 15.75"
15 - 16.5"
Spring length** 13.5" 
Heel height 0.6" 
0.6" (1.5cm) 0.6" (1.5cm) 0.6" (1.5cm)
Weight 2.8oz 


  • Carbon fiber material for lightweight energy return.
Really Light
I bought this product because my other footdrop brace was too heavy and was hard to walk with. When I got this one I was surprised to see how light the carbon fiber material actually was! Made it easy to walk again.
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Excellent service
Cannot say more. DME Direct personnel were most helpful and considerate.
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Great Product!
We have been trying for two years to correct my wife's foot drop. Several surgeries, hundreds of hours of physical therapy, numerous braces and splints. Finally decided to just go do something ourselves, as the doctors and insurance were providing minimal progress. Took a flyer on the Ossur AFO Light and this has been a major breakthrough. For the first time my wife is walking with minimal effort and gait is almost normal.
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Q&A for Ossur AFO Light

  • From Steve Saviano
    • Q: I purchased this for my left foot in July 2018. Love it. It has been very helpful. My question is: Do you sell replacement parts for the padding, the Velcro, etc?
    • A: Our AFO Lite Accessory Kit includes replacement straps, padding, and velcro attachments needed to refurbish your brace. Call our customer support at 877-742-8784 to order.
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