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Townsend SpryStep AFO

Thuasne SKU: 17Hx00x
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Short Description

The SpryStep AFO features a spiral strut design for performance. Strategically placed stiffness and flexibility improves how patients walk.

The Townsend SpryStep AFO by Thuasne is a spiral strut ankle foot orthosis that uses modern composite carbon fiber technology to improve a patient's gait. The light-weight posterior lateral strut design is more durable than competitor's strut designs that often fracture or break. The SpryStep carbon fiber design creates flexibility and amplifies energy return that's experienced with a more natural step response. The SpryStep supplies patients with all day comfort and the functionality they have been looking for in a carbon fiber AFO. The Townsend SpryStep AFO is best suited for patients <250 pounds; fits more easily into shoes.

SpryStep AFO Features:

  • Light weight, durable composite construction engineered with unique laminated characteristics to prevent fracture and breakage.
  • Material diversity offers strategic flexibility and stiffness to enhance performance and patient comfort.
  • Proprietary posterior lateral position of the strut increases patient compliance and energy return for activity reengagement.
  • High performing composites and low profile design maximize patient comfort, functionality and cosmetic finish.
  • Practitioner friendly and adjustable.
  • Spry Step is suitable for patients <250lbs.
  • Three sizes - See sizing chart for measurement/fit help.
  • Made In The USA.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1951

The Townsend SpryStep AFO may be used to treat Fatigueable footdrop, Footslap, Excessive plantarflexion during swing phase (Secondary to weak dorsiflexors), Weakness of the pretibial muscles ≤ 3, Plantar flexor strength ≥ 4.