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Ossur AFO Dynamic Foot Drop Brace

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Ossur AFO Dynamic® Foot Drop Brace


  • Lightweight carbon fiber ankle foot orthosis for foot drop.
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The Ossur AFO Dynamic® incorporates Össur Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber for real drop foot locomotion assistance. The AFO Dynamic incorporates a medial strut design along with a carbon heel to absorb body weight and provide greater energy return through toe-off for more normalized walking.

The AFO Dynamic ensures an efficient walking motion and reduces hip hiking associated with limited toe-off clearance. The pre-fabricated foot platform is designed to fit inside both men's and women's shoes and fits 95% of individuals within each of the four product size categories. The calf is secured using a hook and loop strap attachment for easy fitting adjustments.

Ossur AFO Dynamic Features:

  • Made of pre-impregnated carbon fiber for a more dynamic, responsive ambulation.
  • Pre-faricated ankle foot orthosis design.
  • Absorbs and returns energy for assisted propulsion of the limb at toe off.
  • Available in four sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.
  • Highly durable and comfortable.
  • Low weight to strength ratio for lightweight strength and more efficient movement.
  • Fits easily inside most shoes.
  • Unique footplate design has a stiffness gradient at the heel and toe; Response becomes stiffer when extra support is needed with a heavy individual, and less stiff when used by a smaller, less heavy person.
  • Gait assistance - receives gradual plantar flexion at initial contact when taking a step, and provides medial-lateral stability at mid-stance as the person progress their body weight over the foot.
  • Supports the foot for ground-clearance during swing phase.
  • Medial strut and dark color makes it less visible.
  • Textile cover on outside of the AFO Dynamic and inside aspect of the footplate provides a pleasant cosmetic appearance and enhances comfort against the skin.
  • Provides exceptional performance similar to custom made dynamic AFO products.
  • 6 month manufacturer warranty.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1932

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The Ossur AFO Dynamic is used to treat drop foot caused by:

  • CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident or Stroke).
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.
  • Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy (HMSN).
  • Mild knee instability.
  • Other neurological conditions.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart

AFO Dynamic

 O-102011  Right  X-Small
 O-102021  Left  X-Small
 O-102012  Right  Small
 O-102022  Left  Small
 O-102014  Right  Medium
 O-102024  Left  Medium
 O-102016  Right  Large
 O-102026   Left  Large

AFO Dynamic Selection Chart

* the height at the thickest part of the calf
** the height of the top strap
Part number        
   Right Leg O-102011 O-102012 O-102014 O-102016
   Left Leg O-102021 O-102022 O-102024 O-102026
Shoe Size        
   Male 3-5 5.5 -7.5 8 - 10.5 11 - 14
   Female 4 - 6.5 7 - 9 9.5 - 12  
Foot size 8 - 9"
9 - 10"
10 - 10.75"
11 - 11.5"
Foot plate 8.75"
Calf height* 12 - 13.5"
12.5 - 14.25"
13.25 - 15"
14.25 - 15.75"
Strap height** 12.6" (32cm) 13.25" (34cm) 14.25" (36cm) 15" (38cm)
Heel height 0.4" (1cm) 0.6" (1.5cm) 0.6" (1.5cm) 0.6" (1.5cm)
Weight 2.7oz (75g) 3.5oz (100g) 4.2oz (120g) 5oz (140g)
  •  Impregnated carbon fiber material used for an exceptionally lightweight product design.
East to fit. Slips on easily
It's easy to fit and slips right inside my shoes. Half the price that my doctor wanted.
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Lightweight and has good rebound
Great service, shipping was fast. This AFO has more rebound than my last one when I'm walking. The dynamic return seems much better.
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Great Product
Great item. Hardly know it is on when you wear it. Just started using it and I love it. Great item and worth every penny.
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Q&A for Ossur AFO Dynamic Foot Drop Brace

  • From Debbie Barner
    • Q: I have severe foot drop caused from (Multiple Sclerosis)left foot is flaccid. I currently have a smart step and it is the most comfortable, but still trip, and I also have a carbon fiber AFO great clearance no triping but the pain I fuffer from wearing it is unbreable after an hour. I'm hoping to find a brace that is comfortable and to keep from falling. Can you help?
    • A: The Townsend SpryStep AFO is our most popular carbon fiber AFO product and would help your foot drop condition.
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