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Hely Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support #151

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Hely Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support #151
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  • Elastic material for effective support and compression.
  • Features easy to use hand assist side pulls.
  • Four stays in the back prevent turning down from the top.
  • Provides breathable compression for all day support.

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Price: $48.99

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The Hely & Weber Two-Pull 'Lastic Lumbar Support #151 provides the support and stretchable comfort that only a heavy duty elastic material brace can supply.  It supplies compression to your abdominal section for a feeling of support and protection without all the bulk associated with larger, more cumbersome designs.  Two side pulls, also made out of elastic, can be pulled around to the front to create even more lumbar compression for maximum support.  Typical models would start to roll down from the top with applying the straps tightly, but not the Hely & Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support.  It has four spring steel stays in the back running vertically to prevent roll down from occurring.  The stays also help provide added support for your spine.  Patients appreciate how easy the product is to fit - simply apply your straps using the assist loops for your hands, and you're ready to go. No panels or plates to adjust, it's that simple.  It's perfect for use in treating lumbar sprains/strains, disc protrusions, arthritis, and more.

Hely Weber Lastic Lumbar Support Features:

  • Made from heavy elastic material to provide compression for your lumbar region.
  • Two side pulls provide added support and are easy to adjust.
  • Four aluminum stays provide protection against brace rollover in the back.
  • The side pulls contain assist loops to aid in application - makes adjusting the compression a real breeze.
  • Available in five sizes to fit every size patient - see sizing chart tab.


Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: K0637

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The Hely & Weber Two-Pull 'Lastic Lumbar Support may be used to treat:

  • Herniated disc.
  • Disc protrusion.
  • Strains/sprains.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Arthritis.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Degenerative joint disease.
  • Chronic low back pain.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Hely Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support #151

*3XL is also avail able, please allow 5-7 extra business days for delivery as this is a "special order" item

  • Elastic material used in the product's construction.
Very solid
The brace is solid. Looks like it should last a while. Happy so far.
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Double Trouble
My wife and I both have back trouble. This product is a life saver. When either of us throw out our back, we would not be able to function or move without it. Furthermore, when we are having back weakness, it provides us with support to get us through whatever task we are doing. I would recommend it to anyone considering it.
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