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Hely Weber Shields Knee Brace #5674

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Kuhl Shields Knee Brace
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Shields patella stabilizing brace controls patella motion during everday activity and athletic competition.

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The Shields Brace offers dynamic patella stabilization provided through the entire range of motion. The Shields™ Brace will control the patella during athletic competition. The patella brace successfully controls malalignments of glide, medial/lateral tilt, and anterior/posterior tilt. 1/8" Kuhl perforated neoprene construction for cool compression. Wrap around design allows for independent fitting of the thigh and calf providing a personalized fit to all users.  Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching while allowing full range of motion. The Trakaderm Buttress is constructed of Polyurethane and is an adherent, soft, gel-like material. It helps assist in the active relocation of the patella and places the bone in its pain-free position. Easy-to-apply anterior closure.  

Hely Weber Shields Brace Features:

  • Provides patella control throughout the entire range of motion.
  • Will control the patella during athletic sports competition.
  • Patella directional force flap successfully stabilizes the kneecap for malalignments of glide, medial/lateral tilt, and anterior/posterior tilt.
  • 1/8" Kuhl™ perforated neoprene material for cool compression.
  • Independent calf and thigh strap ensure the correct fit for all leg shapes and sizes. 
  • Low profile 9-inch length is one of the lowest profile lengths available.
  • Trackaderm Buttress for customized patella control.
  • Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching up the brace.
  • Open popliteal space behind the knee for added comfort.
  • Soft tubular rubber core is flexible and adjustable with full knee movement.
  • Developed in collaboration with Clarence L. Shields, MD Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic.

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The Shields Brace is ideal for treating:

  • Patellofemoral pain.
  • Chondromalacia.
  • Anterior knee pain.
  • Patella arthrosis.
  • Malalignments of patella glide.Patella tilt and AP tilt.
  • Patella dislocation.
  • Poor patella tracking.

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1. The new Shields buttress, constructed of Medical Grade TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is an adherent, soft, gel like material. It provides an elastic, flexible, shock absorbing quality that assists in replicating taping the knee. It has the practical advantage of patient application and adjustment.

2. It helps assist in the active relocation of the patella and places the bone in its pain free position.

3. The new buttress is more dynamic, more comfortable and offers the practitioner and patient greater proprioception. The unique molded design offers anatomical contours and easier placement.

4. The Shields brace is designed to position the patella away from the symptomatic contact point no matter the malalignment, which improves tracking in the patellofemoral groove. 5. You place the patella where you want it to be. The buttress, in conjunction with the patellar control straps, holds the patella in place and allows it to move with you.


“The correct positioning of the buttress is essential for optimal function.” - Identifying Optimal Treatments for Patellofemoral Pain, Round Table, Orthopedics Today, Vol 26, # 5 May 2006

Was recommended by my orthopedic suregeon
Excellent quality. Arrived fast - just one day!
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Very pleased.
I've been continuing to have a lot of pain around my kneecap because I've worn out the cartilage so it hurts when I bend down or take the stairs in my house. I've had injections and had surgery last year but still have had pain when I over exert myself. I've been using this brace now for about a month the pain and the pain is about 75% better. The buttress is very sticky to the touch so it stays in place when I go to fit the brace initially. When I stand up, I make some slight adjustments to the the fit and then I'm ready to walk. This brace hasn't taken all of my pain away but I am able to do a lot more now without pain like I had before. My doctor said I could use this around the house or for hiking / biking so I have been using it everyday. The materials are holding up very well and it hasn't stretched out like my other brace I purchased 6 months ago. Overall, I have to say this has probably helped my knees the most over the last 6 months.
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Good Pain Relief
I have been using the Hely & Weber Shields knee braces for 2 months now and it has relieved the pain around my kneecap greatly. I use it at my construction job and it steadies my knee especially when I plant, twist, or squat down. The buttress is the best I've seen so far in this type of brace. Thanks for the fast service.
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Great service
There are other braces listed that claim to do the same thing as the Shields brace but are not as good quality wise or performance wise even though they're less money. I have an exceptionally big knee and for me my only gripe was that the opening for my kneecap was not as large. as I was hoping. I have ordered a custom-made one through your company - thank you for addressing my individual needs.
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I use my Shields knee brace everyday.
My doctor recommended I use the Shields knee brace for my knee. You can adjust the buttress and position it just the way you want it inside for the best results. I think it fits better than other braces I've used in the past and I would recommend it to other people with pain around their kneecap area.
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Q&A for Hely Weber Shields Knee Brace #5674

  • From Cindy J
    • Q: I have patellar femoral dysfunction with MEDIAL displacement of my patella. The Help Weber Shields Knee Brace #5674 appears to be designed for LATERAL patellar displacement only. Can the brace be rotated to apply MEDIAL pressure?

    • A: Yes, you can turn the Shields brace upside down to use it for medial control of the patella.
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