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Hely Weber Reinforced Knee Sleeve #24115, & 3615

Hely & Weber SKU: 24115, 3615
$26.85 $20.00
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Short Description

  • Reinforced sleeve with oval padding in the front.
  • Provides added compression and support around the front.
  • Two sided nylon covering for softness/durability.
  • All styles available to fit every knee.

Hely Weber Reinforced Knee Sleeve #24115, & 3615

$26.85 $20.00

The Hely Weber Reinforced Knee Sleeve #24115, #3615 provides comfort and support with the addition of an oval-shaped padded region in the front of the knee.  The product comes in a variety of combinations including an opening in the front for your kneecap, as well as, an open back to reducing bunching during movements involving deep bending of your knee.  The Hely Weber Reinforced Knee Sleeve features the highest quality of neoprene material made with a very high rubber component to prevent stretching out over time with daily use.  The seam uses a mauser stitch with melco tape applied over the top for enhanced comfort and durability.  This old world stitching technique is not employed by other manufacturers, and prevents the stitched ends from unraveling when being pulled up into the proper position with daily use.  The Hely Weber Reinforced Knee Sleeve is well suited for use with mild strains/sprains, arthritis, and even work activities where mild knee support is required.

Hely Weber reinforced Knee Sleeve Features:

  • Reinforced front with an oval-shaped pad for added compression and support.
  • Two sided nylon covering for softness and enhanced durability.
  • Mauser stitching with melco taped seams to prevent stitching from pulling out.
  • Provides mild support and retains therapeutic warmth.
  • Available in six sizes to fit every size individual - see sizing chart tab.

Available Versions: An open patella version has a hole in the front for your kneecap; closed patella does not have the hole.  An open popliteal version has an oval cutout in the back behind your knee; a closed popliteal has full fabric behind the knee.  Refer to your model below to order from the pulldown above:

3615 Reinforced Sleeve - Open Patella, Open Popliteal
24115 Reinforced Sleeve - Open Patella, Closed Popliteal

  • Knee strains/sprains.
  • Arthritis.
  • Edema/swelling