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Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace

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$1,573.00 $899.99
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Breg's Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace is custom-made to fit every size individual. Easy-to-use thumb wheel for precise unloading. Provides effecting treatment for mild to moderate lateral OA.

Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace

$1,573.00 $899.99

The Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace provides the ultimate in performance and comfort.  It's custom-made from a cast mold thus ensuring a fit that's tailor made according to the shape of each patient's leg.  The brace is made from aircraft aluminum along with a lateral hinge bar composed of semi-rigid, yet flexible, Zytel plastic,  The semi-flexible nature of the lateral hinge bar gives the Breg Fusion Lateral OA the ability to conform to the shape of your leg and resists rotational movements at the joint which can cause braces to migrate down your leg.  The hinge box on the inside, medial aspect of the brace, features a simplified thumbwheel dial that enables the user to precise adjust the amount of unloading occurring inside the knee.  By simply turning the thumbwheel, the hinge telescopes the condyle pad inward thus creating a varus unloading effect to effectively gap open the knee's lateral compartment.  The hinge box contains an offset guage on top which shows the amount of distance the condyle pad is telescoping inward as measured in millimeters.  The low profile hinge box is designed not to brush up against or interfere with the opposite leg thus creating a comfortable user experience.  The Breg Custom Fusion Lateral OA Knee Brace features full padding through the thigh and lower leg portion of the frame for enhanced comfort.  Pivoting strap tabs on the sides help maintain the brace in the correct position at all times during light or heavy walking activities.  The product is ideally suited for treating mild to moderate lateral compartment osteoarthritis, chondral defects, meniscus repairs, and more.

How Can I Get A Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace?

Upon receipt of your order online, a casting kit will be sent out to help you make a cast mold of your leg.  The kit contains casting material, latex-free gloves, a cutting strip, scissors to remove the finished mold from your leg, and step by step instructions for making your cast mold.  You'll send your finished mold to DME-Direct for inspection purposes.  We'll then forward your mold and order form to Breg for manufacturing.  Your custom Breg Fusion Lateral OA takes 48 hours to make and will then be shipped to your address.

Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace Features:

  • Custom-made according to the shape of each patient's leg.
  • Easy to use thumbwheel design delivers precision unloading.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame design for all day comfort.
  • Zytel material on the lateral hinge bar flexes and moves with your knee for better performance.
  • Low profile design specifically for treating lateral compartment OA.
  • Available in standard black (free) and custom paint designs (extra charge).
  • Non-returnable merchandise due to custom manufacturing process.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1846

 The Breg Fusion Lateral OA Custom Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Lateral compartment osteoarthritis (mild to moderate.
  • Procedures to repair chondral defects.
  • Meniscus procedures and repairs.
  • Meniscal cartilage injuries.
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