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Aircast XP Walker

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Aircast XP Walker
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  • Aircast's XP Walking Brace provides maximum pnematic support for foot and ankle injuries.
  • Four inflaable air chambers inside for maximum comfort.
  • Low rocker bottom sole for ambulation.
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The Aircast XP Walking Brace provides the greatest amount of comfort of any pneumatic walking brace within the Aircast family.  The XP Walker has a low rocker bottom sole for ease of ambulation, a wider foot base ensuring plenty of room for dressings without sacrificing comfort, and relocated valves for easy inflation of the air bladder system.  It has a durable semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell contact protection.  Lining the shell are four overlapping air cells for greater comfort and support. The Aircast XP Walking Brace features air bladder system provides intermittent pneumatic compression for efficiently reducing edema and promoting callus formation for healing fractures. Patients can custom-inflate the boot using the hand bulb (included) for a "total contact" fit.  This adjustability gives the Aircast XP walker the ability to accommodate to changes in limb dimension throughout the healing process while maintaining stability and immobilization.  The walker includes two socks and a hand bulb to adjust air cell pressure.

Aircast XP Walking Brace Features:

  • Four air bladders for adjustable support and a premium fit.
  • A low rocker sole for enhanced comfort and natural ambulation.
  • A wider foot base offers ample room for dressings.
  • Ergonomic design promotes greater patient compliance.
  • Overlapping air cells provide superior edema reduction.
  • Semi-rigid shell design ensures secure support and protection.

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Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4360


The Aircast XP walker is commonly used to treat:

  • Stable fractures of the foot and/or ankle.
  • Severe Grade II/III ankle sprains.
  • Post-operative foot and ankle recovery.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

Please use the shoe sizing chart below to select the right size Aircast XP walker boot:

 Size  Shoe Size
 S  Men's 4-7, Women's 5-8
 M  Men's 7-10, Women's 8-11
 L  Men's 10-13, Women's 11-15
 XL  Men's 13+, Women's 15+


  • Four fully adjustable air cell bladders for supreme comfort.
  • Rocker bottom sole for easier walking.
  • Semi rigid front piece in addition to a rigid boot design.
Inflatable bladders make a huge difference...
The four bladders on this inflate allaround your ankle for a really comfortable fit. I've used the FP model before and I prefer this one instead. Ordering online here was fast and easy which made it great as I got the boot the next day.
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Have to wear all day...
Delievery was fast with DME-Direct - the boot arrived in two days! I have to wear it it for the next six weeks and then check in with my doctor.
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I was given one of these by the NHS in the UK, for free (thank God for the National Hospital System here in England). I was recovering from foot reconstruction surgery, this product helped me so much better compared to the standard boot I was given after snapping and therefore undergoing corrective surgery for my ankle. Very comfortable, easy to use, and above all protective.
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Ankle sprain
I had a severe ankle sprain and wearing this allowed me to walk rather then limp around with crutches.
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Q&A for Aircast XP Walker

  • From Helen
    • Q: How much does this boot weigh?
    • A: The Aircast XP walker weighs a little over 2 lbs.
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