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Townsend Rebel Pro Knee Brace

Townsend Design SKU: rebelPRO
$799.00 $538.99
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Short Description

  • Suitable for heavy duty use and high contact sports.
  • Available with a standard thigh or a maximum control shell design.
  • TM5+ motion hinges mimic the knee's natural motion.
  • Made from higher tensile strength T6061 aircraft aluminum.
  • A favorite of athletes.

Townsend Rebel Pro Knee Brace

$799.00 $538.99

The Townsend Rebel Pro provides advanced protection with a stronger frame design for high contact sports.  The brace features stronger T6061 aluminum for maximum protection for the lightest weight incurred.  It's ideally suited for football, skiing black diamonds, snowboarding, and more.  The Townsend Rebel Pro knee brace can also be ordered with a standard looking thigh shell or with an option MC thigh shell design which provides greater containment of your quadriceps muscles for a step up in the level of protection provided by the brace.  It comes standard with TM5+ hinges that mimic your knee's natural motion while providing flexion and extension control.  Unlike most off-the-shelf ACL braces available today, the Townsend Rebel Pro can be customized according to your measurements.  If you have a large thigh compared to the size of your lower leg, the brace can be assembled with different size thigh and lower leg "shells" to provide an exact fit according to your leg shape.  Your brace will be assembled and customized according to your thigh circumference, knee width, and lower leg circumference.  Whether you have suffered an ACL tear or have undergone a reconstruction procedure, the Townsend Rebel Pro knee brace provides the protection you'll need to return to your previous level of activity

for ACL an ACL or combined instability (CI) brace that is ideally suited for contact sports. It is constructed out of lightweight, high strength aircraft aluminum to provide superb control of the knee before and after surgery. This Townsend knee brace features an advanced hinge design that controls motion, suspension, and rotation of the brace while on the leg. The Townsend Rebel is made out of aircraft aluminum and is backed by a no migration guarantee that it will not slide down the leg while being worn. It features the patented TM5+ hinges which reduce shear forces to the knee and surrounding ligaments thus reducing any extra stress to a newly reconstructed knee, and encourages complete shell-to-leg contact throughout full flexion and extension of the knee- just like you would expect from a custom knee brace! Customers can mix and match different sized thigh shells with different sized lower leg shells to create their own custom Townsend Rebel Pro model.

Townsend Rebel Pro Knee Brace Features:

  • "Get It - Fit It Guarantee."  Townsend Design is the only orthopedic manufacturer that will customize a prefabricated brace at no additional charge. Your leg circumference measurement, medial-lateral width measurement, and your leg circumference measurement all ensure that your brace will fit perfectly right out of the box.
  • Made from T6061 aluminum - a higher tensile strength aluminum suited for use in contact sports.
  • TM5+ hinge design provides full extension and flexion control of range motion at the knee.
  • Available in a standard thigh shell or a MC (maximum control) thigh shell design at no extra charge; choose from the order form pdf.
  • Available in a standard ACL version or a combined instability (CI) version where an additional thigh strap is added across the front of the thigh shell exactly halfway down from the top of the brace. The MC thigh is an appropriate choice for someone who is overweight and therefore needs more thigh containment inside the brace. This feature adds an additional four inches of surface contact around the thigh compared to the regular frame design as pictured above. See MC thigh photo above.
  • Townsend is the only brace manufacturer that will customize a prefabricated brace at no additional charge. We will call in all of your measurements to Townsend to have them "set" the hinges appropriately according to your measurements on the pdf order form.
  • Available colors: Black or Argento Gray.
  • See sizing chart tab for measurement instructions.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845/L1852

Please provide your: 1) height, 2) thigh circumference, 3) medial-lateral knee width, 4) calf circumference, and 5) brace color choice in the Comment Section during the checkout or call to order.

The Townsend Rebel PRO is indicated for ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL ligament protection and for returning to contact sports after ACL Reconstruction.

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