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Breg ShortRunner Knee Brace

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$204.50 $147.99
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Short Description

Breg ShortRunner knee brace provides effective support and ligament protection in a shorter 13" length brace; Available in Airmesh or neoprene with a removable hinge bar design; Customizable for enhanced comfort.

Breg ShortRunner Knee Brace

$204.50 $147.99

The Breg ShortRunner Knee Brace is an ideal knee brace for mild-to-moderate ligament sprains, as well as, medial and lateral instabilities. The ShortRunner (measuring 13" in length) has low-profile polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets that offer good joint line control and a comfortable fit. The low-profile hinges allow both flexion and extension control for a variety of injuries. 


The ShortRunner knee brace is available in both traditional neoprene and breathable Airmesh fabric that's ideally suited for hot environments. Use it for recovery from a variety of knee injuries including meniscus tears, ligament sprains, and knee strains.


The Breg ShortRunner is the perfect choice for recreational sports or rehab after surgery. Patients appreciate how the hinge bars are removable for easy hand washing. Thumb loops on top and circumferential straps above and below the knee make the brace one of the easiest to fit. Choose your size above and customize the material and style according to your preference.


Breg ShortRunner Features:

  • Offers comfort, stability, and a full range of motion
  • Available in traditional neoprene or lycra/polyester blend Airmesh for breathability (latex free)
  • Contoured condyle pads provide comfort against the sides of your knee at the joint
  • Extension stops: 10, 20, 30, and 40 degrees (10 degrees installed)
  • Flexion stops: 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees
  • Easy-to-remove hinge bars allow for easy washing and care for the product
  • 13" length brace
  • Thigh and calf strap add more compression and support
  • Thumb loops make it easier to pull the brace up into place
  • Offered in sizes XS-2XL - please see our sizing chart tab above for complete sizing guidelines
  • Great for athletics, as well as, rehab after surgery
  • Wraparound style is available in an open popliteal style only where material has been removed in an oval cutout behind the knee
  • Available in six sizes - See Size & Fit tab for sizing chart and measurement/fit help

Available Options:

  • Neoprene or Airmesh
  • Sleeve and Wraparound versions
  • Closed or Open Back (where a cutout has been added behind the knee to prevent bunching up during a deep knee bend)
    With / Without a patella donut for kneecap pain: the patella stabilizer model features the donut stitched into the material; available only in neoprene

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1832.

The Breg ShortRunner is indicated for providing support for ligament injuries and instabilities, post-op treatment, and mild PCL, MCL, LCL injuries and instabilities.

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