Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace

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Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace
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  • The original "Swede-O" - North America's most popular ankle brace.
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The Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace has been proven effective in numerous independent clinical studies, and is considered one of the most popular ankle brace products in America. The exclusive Swede-O Ankle Lok offset panel traps the laces between the inner and outer flap to hold the laces tighter longer than any other brace for a premium fit. The tripple layer vinyl laminate construction provides durability for use with sports like football, basketball, and baseball.The closed space eyelet design ensures greater holding power and control of the laces for a more effective heel lock with less slippage. Pockets on the sides hold removable plastic U-shaped ankle stays which provide additional stability with side to side movements.

Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace Features:

  • Exclusive ankle lok offset panel traps the laces between the inner and outer flap to hold the laces tighter longer than any other brace.
  • Close spaced eyelets concentrate the holding power where it's needed most creating the most effective heel lock.
  • Multi-layer laminate material for strength an durability.
  • Heavy duty triple layer vinyl laminate construction provides durability and comfort.
  • Internal U-shaped spiral stays provide extra support & reduce the chance for an ankle injury.
  • Seamless arch to avoid irritation to the bottom of the foot.
  • Padded tongue for comfort. 
  • Comes with removable plastic side stabilizer inserts on the sides for additional support.
  • Full elastic back ensures complete unrestricted blood flow to the Achilles' tendon and virtually eliminates the chance for blistering.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Seamless arch doesn't irritate the bottom of your foot.
  • Available in seven sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.
  • XXS available for white Ankle Lok only.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1902

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The Swede-O Ankle Lok may be used to treat:

  • Grade I or II ankle sprains.
  • Prophylactic protection for sports activities.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart: Measure according to standard men's shoe and women's shoe sizes.

Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace


  • Multi-layer vinyl laminate material construction for durability.
  • Contains natural rubber latex.

Perfect ankle support
I myself had used one of these ankle supports years ago, and when recently my husband chipped a bone in his ankle, I knew this was the support to get to help him. He just had an appt with the orthopedic surgeon and he said this is exactly what he would have prescribed for him to wear.
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My merchandise I order was sent to me on time and in good order.
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Addicted to them
This is simply the best product for bad ankles. I haven't injured my ankle since I started using this brace. It's comfortable and and protects very well.
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Swed-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace
I've used the Swed-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace for about 20 years. I've used braces from other manufacturers, none of them even come close to the Swed-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace. I would recommend them highly - there's no brace better.
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Provides great lightweight support
I've been using the Ankle Lok since I was a teen so I've used this brace for a long time - won't use anything else. It laces up easily and it provides great protection inside my shoes without a lot of bulk. I needed a new pair as my last ones lasted about a year. Very durable; very good support.
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Great fitting, excellent customer service
First of all, I tried 2 ASO's from another online vendor, but they are too big for my 5-5.5M foot. So the ASO's have to be returned. Swede-O Ankle Lok fits me much better. The sizing chart seems true to size. The brace gives me the exact support I want.Secondly, I ordered this brace on Wednesday for my outing event on Saturday, given my ankle is still recovering from a recent injury, and my doctor officially orders not to participate any athletic activities for a month :-(( . I chatted with DME-Direct online before placing the order to make sure I would get the brace in time. The brace was shipped the same day, and delivered on Thursday so that I had a chance to wear Swede-O for the whole Friday before my outing on Saturday. Great product. Excellent customer service. Definitively recommend DME-Direct to everyone who sees this post!
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Best brace out there
Last pair lasted a year with almost constant use. These are thin enough to fit into basketball shoes with minimal adjustment to shoe lacing. I think these braces are a must for girls (as they tend to have a lot of ankle injuries vs. boys).
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Great support for weak ankles!
I was given one of these over 20 years ago and have been using it ever since! It finally started falling apart after all the softball games, marching band drills, and weak spots. I love this! If you have a weak ankle, this will give you the support you need! Better than anything the doctor can give you!
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NOT disappointed
"I am currently using this ankle brace post-ankle reconstructive surgery. I find it quite comfortable, and it serves the dual purpose of giving support to my ankle and controlling swelling. It fits snugly into both dress and walking shoes alike. It has a removable plastic flexible moulding that can be either left in place (for additional lateral support) or removed for increased joint movement. The brace laces up the front with quality laces, and can be laced tight or loose for a custom fit. I have worn mine for 4 months now, and it still is intact, and all seams are snug. While other ankle braces can be had for a cheaper price, I like this one for its durability and versatility. If you want a good long-lasting comfortable brace, please consider this one. It will not disappoint."
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BBall brace
I can't say enough good things about this brace: I've sprained my right ankle a few times pretty badly and now I'm not playing any B-ball without this on. They say that your ankles get weaker and weaker with each sprain, so I'm sorry that I neglected to protect myself earlier. This brace gives me great support and its the BEST $25 I've ever spent!
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