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Procare Xceltrax Air Walker Tall

SKU: Procare Xceltrax Air Walker
$103.99 $91.99

Short Description

Procare Xceltrax Air Walker provides tall support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedures.

Procare Xceltrax Air Walker Tall

$103.99 $91.99

The Procare Xceltrax Air Walker is designed for tall support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure. Lightweight, sturdy design with anatomically shaped uprights that help to facilitate a better fit. Integrated strapping to aid in full circumferential support and compression. Cushioned inner/outer soles help to absorb shock upon heel strike. The soft nylon/foam liner in the pneumatic version has an integrated pump design making the pneumatic liner simple to inflate and adjust.

Procare Xceltrax Air Walker Tall Features:

  • Provides support and comfort following moderate to severe foot and ankle sprains, stable foot fractures or post-operative procedures.
  • Lightweight design and unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame help to modify the level of pressure on the injury at both the malleoli and lower leg.
  • Soft nylon and foam liner provides additional cushioning and absorbs shock from walking.
  • Features an integrated pump design that allows the pneumatic liner to inflate and adjust easily.
  • Universal fit allows the ProCare XcelTrax Air Tall Walker Brace / Walking Boot to be worn on either the left or right foot.

Manufacturer's Recommended HCPC: L4361

Procare's Xceltrax Air Walker is indicated for edema for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries of the lower leg, stress fractures of the lower leg, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, stable delayed union or non-union fractures of the distal tibia and fibula, bunionectomies, metatarsal fracture, forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injury.