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Ossur Foot-Up® Brace
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  • Provides dynamic support for drop foot without a rigid plastic design.
  • Lightweight, simple, and comfortable to wear.
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Ossur introduces Foot-Up, a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis engineered to provide dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints. It features a unique ankle cuff with an elastic strap design to ensure ample toe-off when walking. Unlike  traditional, hard plastic braces, the Foot-Up is breathable and easily secures around your ankle for support.

The Foot-Up® attaches to a clear plastic inlay that fits between the tongue of your shoe and the laces by way of an elastic strap which produces a more normal stride with each step along with reduced fatigue during ambulation. The  brace is the lowest profile design available, and comfortably fits inside almost any type of athletic or dress shoe.  The Foot-Up is best suited for people with mild to moderate cases of drop foot where the person is capable of providing minimum to moderate dorsiflexion at the ankle.

Ossur Foot-Up® Features:

  • The Foot-Up provides dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints for which assisted ankle dorsiflexion is needed.
  • The lightest, most low profile design available today.
  • Supports the foot the moment it's raised.
  • Simple to fit in seconds.
  • Provides visible walking improvement - best suited for mild to moderate foot drop cases.
  • Has an ergonomic ankle strap made from a breathable 3-layer material- breathable and can be worn for the entire day.
  • Plastic inlay fits between the tongue and laces of your shoe and is practically invisible. The inlay has a quick release clip to release it from the Ossur Foot Up brace.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in three adult sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important sizing guidelines.
Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1930

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The Foot-Up is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Foot Drop as a result of CVA, TBI, and other causes.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart: Measure the circumference at the narrowest spot above your ankle bone for the correct size:

Ossur foot up brace


 Part# Ankle Circumference Leg Size
 07810-1  7 - 8.25" (18 - 21cm)   Universal  Medium 
 07810-2   8.5 - 10.25 (22 - 26cm)   Universal  Large
 07810-3  10.5 - 13 (27 - 33cm)  Universal   X-Large
  • Flexible plastic inlay piece.
  • Standard open cell foam used in the ankle cuff wrap portion.
It is less visible under slacks
It works very well in my tennis shoes, it keeps my foot up, and stays under the shoe strings. It works well inside my dress shoes and sneakers where the laces are farther apart.
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Great price for a bilateral afo brace
Can't afford expensive braces and this does pretty much the same thing for less. Fits well and it is comfortable in both my shoes. I buy two at a time for my bilateral drop foot and they last typically about a year or so with everyday walking.
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Much better than most out there
I've tried the plastic style afo products before so I was skeptical that this drop foot ankle brace would help. Unlike traditional plastic designs this dosiflexion brace doesn't create any irritation spots from rubbing in the wrong spots. The ankle cuff is a neoprene-free material that's completely soft and the shoe piece slides right into place - you'll never know it's there inside your shoe! I've seen and read about many cures for foot drop and most are a joke. This is the first foot drop orthotic I've tried that was actually worth wearing!
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Using it for both feet
I have been using the Foot up splint on both feet because of a neurological condition that causes weakness. I have tried many different kinds of toe up brace products but they never provided the same results as this one. The brace is easy to fit and prevents my foot flop from causing a loss of balance. Well worth it!
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Really helps with my walking.
Great product. I use it pretty much all of the time and it's made my walking a whole lot easier. Worth every penny - great value.
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discreet so no one knows you have a "brace" on
My podiatrist recommended this. It hides well under the cuff of my jeans and is pretty comfortable.
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Foot -Up works well
I have used a bunch of AFOs in the past all made out of the traditional plastic. I decided to give this a try and have loved it - it's very comfortable and for me works as well as my previous AFOs. I'm not tripping over my foot when I walk and I can use it with sneakers and my dress shoes. This is a great invention and I'd recommend it to other people with foot drop.
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Sweeeeet Foot up
Foot-up has dealt effectively with my drop foot problem. It gives support at the moment my foot is raised. Also the material doesn't make my foot sweat, so I can wear it comfortably for several hours --- and I can't say that about the AFO that I used to wear. I love this device and have sung its praises to my podiatrist repeatedly :)
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Easy to hide
Ossur foot up can easily "hide" under my pant leg so no one knows I'm wearing it.
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