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Step Smart AFO Brace

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Step Smart AFO Brace
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Insightful Product's Step Smart AFO brace offers a complete solution for drop foot. Makes walking feel natural and less tiresome. Offers better functionality and comfort.

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The Step Smart AFO by Insightful Products is a more energy efficient ankle brace (AFO) design for drop foot patients. It uses a unique Jacob Joint with rubberized compression components that gently lifts the footbed upward with each step, and allows for variable shock absorption at heel strike.  The Step Smart comes with three different sets of replaceable compression stoppers that provide the right degree of clearance at swing phrase based on the weight of your body.  The brace offers a dynamic lift that more closely resembles the normal swing through phase of normal walking.  Walking feels more natural and is less taxing on your leg and hip muscles. An easy to use guide is included with each Step Smart brace to provide assistance in determining the correct compression component to use and how to install them in minutes.

Step Smart AFO/Brace Features:

  • Provides customized toe off assistance through different compression components (stoppers)
  • Fits inside all shoes and does not subscribe to foot length and lower leg height considerations like other models. 
  • Unique joint design provides every user with the ability to feel the foot clear the floor with each step with dorsiflexion assistance.
  • Adjust the shock absorption according to your weight and step length.
  • Provides resistance to plantarflexion the instant the heel hits the ground.
  • Makes walking feel natural and less tiresome.
  • Two sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.
  • Left/right specific.
  • Made in the USA.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC:  L1971, L2210


The Step Smart AFO can be used to treat:

  • Neurological injuries resulting in foot drop.
  • Appropriate for mild to severe foot drop.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

Measure the width of your heel from behind in a standing position: Choose according to heel width, with some consideration towards the footplate length and shoe size. The end of the footplate should land behind the metatarsal heads:

heel width

Size Heel Width US Shoe Size Footplate Length Model Number
Right S/M up to 63mm (2½") Up to: Men’s 8.5 or Women’s 10  6.25" 23213
Right L/XL up to 76mm (3") Greater than: Men’s 9 or Women’s 10.5 6.75" 23215
Left S/M up to 63mm (2½") Up to: Men's 8.5 or Women’s 10  6.25" 23313
Left L/XL up to 76mm (3") Greater than: Men’s 9 or Women’s 10.5 6.75" 23315



The Step-Smart can be tailored to the needs of each patient. The dorsifl exion assist joints and tensor settings may be adjusted to the ideal level for individual patients.

Tensor Settings:
The foot/calf angle is unique to each individual and needs to be addressed by the AFO. The factory tensor setting works for most people. If the calf section seems to dislodge, the calf section angle can be adjusted. The Step-Smart brace includes a total of three tensors: two of the same length attached to the brace and one longer tensor which may be installed if needed. By installing the longer tensor on the lateral side a more medial angulation is achieved. By installing the longer tensor on the medial side a lateral angulation is achieved. This 10-degree range allows the
practitioner to make angular changes to match the foot/calfangle of 95% of the patients.









Settings for the dorsiflexion assist joints:
The joints may be customized to one of five different levels of dorsiflexion assistance. The practitioner can determine the proper level of dorsiflexion assistance by evaluating the patient’s step-length, weight and other factors. In general, the compression components are chosen to match the patient’s specific shock absorption requirements. Mostly, this is affected by patient’s weight and step length. Activity level should also be considered. It is suggested that the practitioner and patient establish a starting setting
together using the following method. Start with the 45-45 setting. After ten to twenty steps increase to the 45-60 setting. After another 10-20 steps increase again to 60-60. Keep going until there is too much resistance. Most patients find that the lower settings are enough to accomplish their desired resistance. With too much resistance, the patient will experience knee
instability or the sensation of walking down hill. At this
point the setting is too stiff and should be decreased by
one setting.





 compression info






Best yet!
Best one yet and I've tried them all.
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Good so far
Love the improvement. It is taking a little time to get used to the dynamic nature of the brace along with the "bumpers" but now it's perfect. So far it is looking good.
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
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Very comfortable and useful brace
This product has been working very well for me. I have a permanent dropped foot so need this type of brace to help me walk. So far the back of my leg has not been sore as it was with the brace Medicare provides. This is so much better.
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
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A Real Help
As a 7 year stroke survivor with foot drop and more, I am familiar with AFO's. I received my Step Smart promptly, and found it as advertised. After a 3 day get aquainted period I wear it all day every day. On the 6th day I did 15 minutes on a slow tread mill for the first time in over 4 years. This is wonderful and the brace does fit into all my shoes, its very light, easy to put on and take off, and keeps my foot pointed forward when walking. This is so much better than those custom made things that need extra wide shoes.
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Proudly wears Step Smart
“With the old AFO design, walking was so tiresome that I was content falling on my face rather than use it. I love the Step-Smart Brace because it better mimics the natural ankle motions during walking.
I use it all day long”

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Step Smart for life
...I'm young (34 yrs old) but suffer from drop foot on both my right AND left foot. After experimenting with numerous AFO's over the years and consulting with specialists, this product was finally recommended to me. My main concern was finding something that provided enough support and was also comfortable enough to wear all day. I received two Step Smarts and they were a perfect fit for me - they allow me to walk better! I'll probably wear these for the rest of my life, so you can only imagine how glad I was to find braces that have restored my freedom to "walk around like anybody else"...
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