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Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap

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$60.00 $49.99
11885 sold

Short Description

  • The #1 shoeless solution to traditional products.
  • Provides toe clearance with each step.
  • For use with sandals or barefoot.
  • Highly rated for comfort and effectiveness.

Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap

$60.00 $49.99

The Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap connects to the Foot-Up & allows the orthosis to be worn without footwear. The wrap accessory provides dorsiflexion with each step for sufferers of foot drop.  The Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap accessory features a specially sized forefoot cuff designed to attach to the ankle cuff portion (purchased separately). The wrap is durable enough for daily wear and give users the personal freedom of stepping out of a traditional AFO with a product that's lighter, breathable, and a break away from traditionally styled products.  Feel free to wear shorts and sandals, or take a walk on the beach with the Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap - this year's must have accessory for hot, summertime fun wear.

Ossur Foot Up Shoeless Wrap Features:

  • Available in four adult sizes - see our sizing chart tab above for sizing guidelines.
  • Accessory for use with the Foot-Up brace (sold separately). Not a stand alone solution.
  • Perfect for use with sandals or barefoot. No sharp or hard edges like traditionally styled products for foot drop.
  • Comfortable for all day wear.
  • Provides effective dorsiflexion with each step to help your toes clear the floor.
  • Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless wrap accessory is well suited for both men and women
  • Fits right or left foot.


The Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap Accessory is indicated for mild foot drop; use with sandals or while barefoot.