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Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL Knee Brace OTS

Ossur SKU: CTi OTS Pro Sport PCL
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Short Description

  • Provides PCL ligament support & protection.
  • Unique gastroc plate included.
  • For everyday and contact sports activity.

The Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL Knee Brace OTS is designed to provide the highest degree of support and protection for patients with PCL injuries.  The off-the-shelf brace features a carbon fiber shell that's both lightweight and well suited for sports and everyday activity.  The thigh and lower leg cuffs are flexible and contour to each user's unique leg shape for a precise fit.  The Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL OTS knee brace comes with an additional, semi-rigid, gastroc plate that is held in place with the calf straps running behind the brace.  The gastroc plate is about the length of your hand and reduces the amount of posterior sag that occurs with a PCL sprain.  The rest of the brace is exactly the same style and configuration as the ACL version.  The product comes with AccuTrac hinges for controlling extension in 10 degree increments and sensil padding which have a silicone stensil pattern applied to improve brace suspension.  The brace provides dependable support and protection for PCL deficiencies.

Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL Knee Brace OTS Features:

  • 15% additional carbon fiber compared to the Standard version.
  • NEW STYLE: new matte finish; more streamlined hinge box design; new tibial sub shell; adjustable alligator clip design for the calf strap; Adjustable D-rings - can be placed on the inside or the outside of the frame for the perfect fit.
  • Accutrac hinges with extension stops mimic full knee joint's range of motion; Adjustable extension stop limits in 10 degree increments from 0-40 degrees.
  • Flexible subshell beneath the frame for enhanced comfort.
  • Adjustable tibial strap helps capture the tibia (lower leg) and allows hinge depth adjustments for a precise fit.
  • Silicone Sensil padding for the thigh and leg reduces brace migration during sport activities.
  • Skin-friendly SensEdge overmolding on all injection-molded parts improves brace comfort and eliminates pressure points from forming.
  • 1 year Fit Guarantee - Due to changes in leg size after an PCL injury, or following a PCL reconstruction, Ossur will make any necessary fit adjustments during that time at no charge to the patient.
  • Total Support System design -  provides proven stability for ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, rotary and combined instabilities of the knee.
  • Buckles attach to the inside or outside of the frame for a low-profile, streamlined fit.
  • Hand-laminated, carbon composite, rigid frame construction provides superior strength with very little weight; only 21 ounces.
  • All non-corrosive materials - ideal for water sports.
  • The Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL Knee Brace OTS model is suitable for extreme sports and/or high level contact sports; has added graphite for enhanced strength.
  • Gastroc plate included - goes behind the calf to help reduce posterior sag associated with a PCL tear.


Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845

The Ossur CTi Pro Sport PCL Knee Brace OTS may be used for:
  • Isolated PCL tears and PCL combined instabilities.
  • All activity levels including high impact, contact sports.