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Ossur AirForm Dorsal Night Splint

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Short Description

  • Provides morning pain relief for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.

Ossur AirForm Dorsal Night Splint

$37.99 $24.99

The AirForm Night Splint from Ossur is effective treatment for plantar fascia, Achilles tendonitis, drop foot and post-static pain.  The Ossur AirForm night splint is smaller and lighter than most dorsal night splint products for greater sleeping comfort at night.  The splint applies a mild passive stretch to the achilles tendon and plantar fascia by maintaining the foot and ankle at a right angle. 

Ossur AirForm Dorsal Night Splint Features:

  • Slips on and adjusts easily.
  • Provides effective treatment for plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis (tendinosis), achilles strains, achilles bursitis, drop foot and post-static pain.
  • Its lightweight, low profile slim design makes it more comfortable to wear at night which means better compliance with wearing the splint.
  • The AirForm Night Splint is easy to put on and take off; easily adjustable.
  • Soft padding underneath for patient comfort.
  • Lightweight simplified design for patient compliance.
  • Fits right or left foot.
  • Available in single or convenient 6 pack dispenser box (call for price).
  • Comes in 2 sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

The Airform Night Splint by Ossur may be used to treat:

  • Plantar fascitis.
  • Achilles tendonitis (tendinosis).
  • Achilles strains..
  • Achilles bursitis
  • Sleeping at night in bed with a drop foot condition.
  • Post-static foot pain.