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MedSpec V-Strap Wrist Brace 10 1/2"

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$28.99 $21.99
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MedSpec's V-Strap Wrist Brace 10 1/2" length provides greater immobilization. Features "barb" style closure strap for easier fitting.

MedSpec V-Strap Wrist Brace 10 1/2"

$28.99 $21.99

The MedSpec V-Strap Wrist 10 1/2" provides comfort and effective support in a longer length brace.  The brace features Velstretch material over a polypropylene felt base which provides softness on the inside and a contoured fit and better compression over the carpal region  It includes two stays: a dorsal stay on the top and a volar stay on the bottom, both which are stitched into the material.  Two closure straps are are applied to secure the brace around your wrist.  Too avoid having the straps back out of the D rings as you're removing the brace, barbed tips have been added to the ends of the straps.  Fitting is a snap and you will not have straps sticking to each other during the fitting process - a great idea!  The MedSpec V-Strap 10 1/2" is suitable for all types of wrist injuries, for average height people looking for a longer brace for additional wrist immobilization or for anyone 6'3" and taller.

MedSpec V-Strap Wrist (10 1/2") Features:

  • The same benefits as the 8" V-Strap Wrist, but the 10 1/2" version with longer length provides additional support.
  • Polypropylene felt material is bacterially inert and stays clean longer.
  • Patented strap retention system that helps maintain the strap within the D-ring for ease of application.
  • "Velstretch" material provides better compression over the carpal region.
  • Improved pattern design contours to the wrist and hand exceptionally well.
  • Polypropylene felt is bacterial inert and stays clean longer.Has a palmar and dorsal stay.
  • Two wrist closure straps for a solid fit.
  • US manufacturing for higher quality control standards.
  • Right/left specific.
  • Available in four sizes - please see sizing chart tab for measurement guidelines.

NOTE: The 8" version of this brace is available in Pediatric, XS and 2XL Sizes. See listing for MedSpec V-Strap Wrist - 8".

Available Colors: Black.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3908.

    The MedSpec V-Strap 10 1/2" wrist brace may be used to treat:

  • Wrist strains, sprains.
  • Post cast removal.
  • Rehabilitation following wrist surgery.

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