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Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup #307

Hely & Weber SKU: 307
$37.99 $32.99
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Short Description

  • Provides support for recovery from ankle sprains.
  • Adjustable air cells comfortably reduce ankle swelling.
  • Thicker heel pad for better comfort.
  • Reinforced straps ensure greater durability.

Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup #307

$37.99 $32.99

The Hely & Weber Universal Air Ankle Stirrup promotes eddema reduction and supportive protection for acute ankle sprain. The universal shell design is one size and comfortably fits the the left and right sides.  It features dual air chambers on both sides of the ankle that mold to the contours of your ankle for uniform compression.  Each air chamber has a turn down plastic inlet for adjusting the amount of air in each chamber.  The Hely Weber Air Ankle Stirrup has an adjustable heel pad for widening the width for individuals with large, wide feet.  The product comes with two straps for applying circumferential compression that's required for obtaining a secure fit.  The straps are welded with a reinforced rivet for greater durability.  The product can be used for recreational sports protection, as well as, recovery from an ankle sprain.

Hely Weber Air Ankle Stirrup Features:

  • Lightweight outer shell with dual air chambers on the inside mold to the contours of your ankle.
  • Two Air Cell Design aids in active edema reduction.
  • Heel pad widths can easily be adjusted.
  • Thicker heel pad for durability and support.
  • Air cell pressure is adjustable for a better fit.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4350


The Hely & Weber Air Ankle Stirrup is suitable for:

  • Recreational sports ankle protection.
  • Early ambulation following an ankle sprain.
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