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Hely Weber Knee Immobilizer #203-206

Hely & Weber SKU: HW20*
$42.99 $37.75
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Short Description

  • One of the easiest immobilizers to fit.
  • Fits both short and tall individuals.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear yet supportive.

Hely Weber Knee Immobilizer #203-206

$42.99 $37.75

The Hely Weber Knee Immobilizer #203-206 is the answer for a simple to use, quality made immobilizer for knee injuries.  It comes in a variety of lengths to fit every height individual from short to tall for getting that perfect fit that's so important for achieving effective immobilization.  The Hely Weber Knee immobilizer is made from 3/8" fabric covered foam for a soft, well made feeling of support with alternating straps that close off the product for reinforced protection.  There's two stays inside their own "pods" on both the medial and lateral sides of the knee with velcro backings for easy relocating - simply pull them off and reapply to the inner and outer aspects of the knee for a customized fit.  Additional reinforced stays are located in the back that run vertically to prevent bending of the knee.  The Hely and Weber Knee Immobilizer can be used to manage acute knee injuries or as an alternative to casting as well.  For comfort in a sized knee immobilizer, this is a great choice that's easy to wear the entire day.

Hely Weber Knee Immobilizer Features:

  • Made from trimable 3/8” (9.5mm) pile foam laminate.
  • Reinforced, moldable posterior stays provide additional rigidity.
  • Two Medial and lateral movable stay pods offer extra support.
  • Contact closure velcro application straps.
  • Five elastic adjustment straps provide added compression.
  • Pile exterior is hook & loop sensitive for easy adjustment.
  • Fits Right and Left sides.
  • Available in four lengths - See sizing chart tab.


  • 203 16” Knee Immobilizer
  • 204 18” Knee Immobilizer 
  • 205 20” Knee Immobilizer 
  • 206 22” Knee Immobilizer 


Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1830

The Hely Weber Knee Immobilizer is indicated for:

  • Post-Op or severe knee injuries requiring immobilization.
  • Mild to moderate pain.
  • Edema.