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Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace #3847

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Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace #3847
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The Cubital Comfort Brace by Hely & Weber properly positions the elbow to relieve numbness and tingling; Ideal for treatment of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

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 The Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace #3847 provides effective night or day treatment to relieve pain, as well as, numbness and tingling caused by Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  The cubital tunnel brace is lightweight and easy to adjust.  It features two malleable aluminum stays inside that maintain the elbow in a comfortable 20 degree angle of bend.  The Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace is very patient friendly and is stamped at both ends with a face and a hands symbol to quickly help patients locate the top and bottom ends of the product for easier fitting.  The cubital tunnel brace features two stockinette cuffs to help secure the brace in the correct position, and prevent brace migration while sleeping.  The Cubital Comfort Brace is ideally suited for treating the symptoms associated with irritation of the cubital tunnel and comes in both a short, as well as, a long length to fit every individual.

Hely Weber Cubital Comfort (Cubital Tunnel Brace) Features:

  • Ideal for treatment of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Polyester felt baby blanket and nylon bucks for durability.
  • Lightweight design for patient comfort.
  • Maintains the elbow in 20 degrees of flexion.
  • Relieves tension around the cubital tunnel.
  • Has glyphic symbols for easily orienting the top and bottom.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in a short and a long length - see sizing chart tab.

HCPC Approved: L3762



The hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace is the ideal cubital tunnel brace for:

  • Cubital Tunnel pain, numbness, and or tingling symptoms.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

hely weber cubital comfort brace 3847 sizing

  • Moldable dual aluminum stays.
  • Breathable material for all night comfort.
Good product
Quick shipping! Great product - wish I would have got the longer one. I'm 5'9, so I was in the middle on length. I really like product. Its relieved most of my elbow pain.

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It works
This brace is great. I find it comfortable, and it doesn't slip off at all. I also wear a brace on my wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome, so maybe that helps hold it in place? Anyway, it works great for me. Since I've gotten it my ring and pinkie fingers haven't been numb at all. I am 5'6" and got the size "short."
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Good quality
Fast delivery, good quality.
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Exactly What I Needed
This Hely Weber cubital tunnel brace is just what I needed. Thank you!
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Using the Cubital Comfort brace from Hely Weber has helped my Numbness/Tingling Elbow Problem
I just bought the Cubital Comfort brace from Hely Weber and the numbness that I've been having in my hand is now 50% to 75% better since starting to use this splint. The brace keeps you from flexing your elbow which is what my doctor says it what causes the ulnar nerve to get trapped and cause the tingling sensation. The 3847 comes in both a short and a long size so you need to make sure that you measure properly for the correct fit. The stays inside are made from aluminum and they can be bent to conform to your elbow for a custom fit. It was very easy to put on initially because it comes with happy face indicators to show both the top and bottom of the splint. I took this 3847 Cubital Comfort into my doctor and now he will be telling his patients to get here from DME-Direct as well.
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Brace yourself!
I was advised by my doctor to purchase this device to stabilize my arm while I sleep to prevent my arm from bending and pinching by Ulna nerve. (I was diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome). This brace has been very effective in NOT allowing me to bend my arm in the middle a deep sleep, which I am guilty of. In fact, it does such a terrific job stabilizing my arm into a straight arm position I have knocked over glasses of water on my bedside table and smacked my husband in the head all while in a deep sleep. Basically, the brace does its job perfectly!
I chose to purchase my brace from DME-Direct because I saved a TON of $$ with them. I found the same device on other sites and they were asking $100+ more for the same contraption.
Ultimately, if you have the need for a brace to keep your arm in a stationary position, awake or asleep, this is a very comfortable option. It is not itchy and remains in position. The brace also has cute icons on it to let you know you are orienting it correctly onto your arm.
Good luck healing!

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