Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound Knee Brace

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Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound Knee Brace
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  • DISCONTINUED ITEM - please see the Donjoy Tru-Pull Lite for a comparable item.
  • Effective treats dislocations, subluxations, and patellofemoral knee pain.
  • Comes two buttress thickness for more or less stabilization.
  • Promotes correct patella alignment.
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to apply.

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The Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound Knee Brace is designed to improve alignment and tracking difficulties as a result of a whole host of patellofemoral injuries.  From subluxation to patellofemoral pain syndrome, this model addresses these injuries with a split strap design that works to apply evenly distributed pressure through the brace's lateral buttress on the outer aspect of the kneecap.  Two different sized buttresses are available for use with the Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound: a 1/4" or a 3/8" thick buttress can be attached to the neoprene split strap for an aggressive or less aggressive pull on the patella to address your injury's symptoms.  The neoprene wraparound design is easy to apply and can be worn daily at home or as part of a rehabilitation program.  The product can be used to treat subluxations, patella dislocations, patellofemoral knee pain, and injuries resulting in patella mal-alignment. 

Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound Features:

  • Split pull strap design provides a constant pull on patella; the independent thigh and calf straps anchor the pull strap with the buttress to better capture the patella during walking as well as running.
  • Two adjustable thickness buttresses (1/4 inch and 3/8 inch) are shipped with each brace - they are interchangeable depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Universal - fits left and right sides.
  • An easy style to apply and fits easily.
  • Non-slip neoprene construction.
  • Four sizes to fit every individual - see sizing chart tab.

Available Colors: Black

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1800

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  • Patella Chondromalacia.
  • Anterior Knee pain.
  • Patellofemoral pain.
  • Patella subluxation.
  • Patella dislocation.
  • Status post lateral release surgery.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Donjoy Tru-Pull Wraparound Knee Brace sizing

Measure the circumference of your thigh 6" above the middle of the kneecap to choose the correct size:

 Size  Thigh Circumference
 Small  15 1/2"-18 1/2" (39-47cm) 11-1111-2-06000
 Medium  18 1/2"-21" (47-53cm) 11-1111-3-06000
 Large  21"-23 1/2" (53-60cm) 11-1111-4-06000
 XL  23 1/2"-26 1/2" (60-67cm)  11-1111-5-06000




  •  Standard neoprene material construction.
Not Stylish, But It Works
Not at all stylish but it works!
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Helps Patella Pain
This brace worked the best for my chondromalacia patella knee pain. I have a slender build so maybe this brace fit me better than what others here have been describing. The buttress pull on my kneecap provided the best pain relief that I've felt after trying about 4-5 different braces over the last 3 years. WORTH IT - for me.
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Needs Too Much Adjusting
This brace helped my pain but required too much adjusting all of the time to make it worth while.
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