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Donjoy Shoulder Cradle Sling

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Donjoy Shoulder Cradle
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Donjoy's Shoulder Cradle provides secure immobilization for stable and comfortable injury support day and night.

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The Donjoy Shoulder Cradle is a modular system that provides secure immobilization and a wide range of abduction angles to allow stable and comfortable support both day and night. The Shoulder Cradle sling is indicated for post-operative immobilization in 15° of abduction or greater for shoulder hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, shoulder reconstruction, superior labral repair and shoulder debridement. It may also be used for protocols involving stabilization following fractures to the proximal humerus, elbow and forearm, Bankart repair, rotator cuff repair, biceps tendon surgery, shoulder dislocation, elbow ligament and tendon repair. Ideal for night and day use.

Donjoy Shoulder Cradle Features:

  • Easy-to-use modular design.
  • Comfortable immobilization 24/7.
  • Maintains proper, secure position of the shoulder while at rest. The medium and large bolsters provide comfortable, secure support for back and side sleepers.
  • Unique arm cradle design offers firm support.
  • Lightweight, polycarbonate core provides rigid support without uncomfortable or hard-to-adjust metal components.
  • Versatile immobilization without the use of a neck strap.
  • Stable, comfortable support in various levels of abduction, and in neutral rotation during sleep without the use of neck strap.
  • Easy to use open design allows for unobstructed use of cold therapy.
  • Universal fit - Fits right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3960


The Donjoy Shoulder Cradle is indicated for:

  • Shoulder hemiarthroplasty.
  • Total shoulder replacement.
  • Shoulder reconstruction.
  • Superior labral repair.
  • Shoulder debridement.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Universal - Fits Right and Left sides.

Great product delivered on time! Very helpful staff! Very satisfied. The cradle s helping my shoulder pain calm down.
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Thank you!
The customer service people helped me choose this product for my rehab from a hemi-arthroplasty surgery. I received it faster than anticipated. It arrived in 2 days. Very pleased!
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Better than the sling from the hospital
I had a total shoulder replacement and was given a typical sling from the hospital which was very uncomfortable. I got this product to help support my entire arm much better. My doctor agreed this was abetter cradle for me to use for my recovery.
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Got it the next day
Order this for my mother and received it the next day. Recommended!
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Easy to fit and comfortable
It secures my arm, is easy to take off, put on. I have 8 weeks to be immobile, and I wanted to have a simple apparatus, one that's comfortable. The neck strap is not rigid, has elasticity so it does not pull my neck down.
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Q&A for Donjoy Shoulder Cradle Sling

  • From Jason Franklin
    • Q: I injured my shoulder and will be having shoulder surgery in a month to repair it. Can I use this for now and after I have surgery?
    • A: Yes, the shoulder cradle can be used to provide shoulder support during the day and at night when you sleep. It's adjustable so that it can provide comfort while cradling your injured shoulder.
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