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Donjoy UltraSling III Shoulder Sling
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Donjoy's UltraSling III offers breathable, mesh fabric and thermoformed padding for greater comfort.
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The Donjoy UltraSling III post-op shoulder brace provides immobilization for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, Bankhart repairs, Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation, and soft tissue strains/repairs. The Donjoy UltraSling III leads the way in support, comfort, and convenience. The De-Rotation Strap hooks to the UltraSling III and prevents internal rotation by securely holding the patient's arm in a neutral position.  Moisture-wicking, mesh fabric for greater comfort, particularly in longer-term use. Promotes auxiliary air exchange to help reduce the risk of secondary infections and helps prevent internal rotation contractures. The quick release buckles and easy-open front panel allow you to easily remove this shoulder brace for exercise or therapy.

Donjoy UltraSling III Features:

  • Soft padded adjustable straps provide a customized fit and an incredible level of comfort.
  • De-rotation strap connects to the shoulder sling and prevents internal rotation by securely holding your arm in a neutral position.
  • Helps prevent post-operative internal rotation contractures.
  • Quick release buckles and easy-open front panel allow you to easily remove this shoulder brace for exercise or therapy.
  • The breathable inner lining wicks away moisture and provides ventilation; Ideal for post-operative treatment.
  • The easy-open front panel encourages forearm exercises.
  • Universal fit allows the UltraSling III to be worn on either the Right or Left shoulder.
  • Four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large; See sizing chart tab for measurement/fit help.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3670


Donjoy's unique UltraSling III provides immobilization for injuries including:

  • Rotator cuff repairs.
  • Capusular shift procedures.
  • Bankart repairs.
  • Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation.
  • Soft tissue repairs/shoulder strains.
  • Acute shoulder injuries.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure from the back of your elbow to the knucles of a closed fist for the correct size:

Donjoy Ultrasling III sizing

 Size  Arm Length
 Small  Up to 11" (28 cm)
 Medium  11" - 13" (28 - 33 cm)
 Large  13" - 15" (33 - 38 cm)
Xlarge  15" + (38 cm +)

  • Composition: 65% Neoprene, 35% Nylon.
  • Nylon mesh fabric liner.
  • Thermoformed foam padding on the bottom.
Nice product and available in different sizes.
My wife needed a sling after surgery and the hospital gave her one three sizes too large. This was a great replacement. The velcro everywhere worked quite well and allowed us to readjust and rework for comfort regularly. It would be nice if the inside of the sling were a material that was gentler on the skin. It is difficult to wear sleeves after surgery and the sling is uncomfortable without one.
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After my shoulder surgery...
The Ultra Sling III is so much better than the II. We bought this after my husband broke his clavicle (Thanks to DME-Direct for the quick delivery!) to get him out of the barely supportive blue one that the hospital gave him.

Since this was the second time he's broken it, we knew what to expect. The bolster is HIGHLY useful. He used it below the arm for extra support until his surgery (where they place the bolster liked in the photo - it's better for circulation & relaxation of the shoulder muscle).

Back to the III VS. II: This one breathes. It's made with a mesh - way to clean, quick to dry. The II only has a felt-like material for the entire sling which doesn't breathe and looks like it wouldn't dry as fast (we got to compare as the Dr office was going to give us a II though insurance, but when we compared the two, the III. was far superior).
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This sling provides comfort.
Thank goodness I found this! Just wish I'd found it three weeks earlier. I had surgery two weeks ago for rotator cuff and labrum tears. The sling I was sent home in was very flimsy in holding my arm, even though it had the bolster pillow behind it. The sling let my arm move loosely and made both my bicep and forearm hurt. After reading great reviews on this Donjoy Ultrasling, my husband told me we had nothing to lose and ordered it for me. It arrived here in two days! So much more comfortable too. We measured to make sure I would be in the correct size. The neoprene arm sling is so much more supportive and has velcro straps to hold the sling closer over my arm. It also cradles the hand better and has a place to hold your thumb. The ball grip is an optional piece at the end held in by velcro. We chose to take it off for the time being. Knowing I have another 4 weeks ahead of me with this sling, makes the outlook a little bit brighter for a tough surgical recovery.
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Great price, fast delivery
Just as described, and it arrived in sealed packaging so I knew it hand not been used by another person. If you have rotator cuff tears then this is a great product to have for your recovery.
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4/5 Stars
It was easy to fit right out of the packaging. My doctor asked me to get the Ultrasling 3 for my torn labrum surgery. The shipment arrived the very next day. Impressive!
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Very good sling
I've suffered from many dislocations and have used many slings through the years. I finally had the labrum surgery about 6 months ago and was given a Donjoy Ultrasling III. It's awesome. It gave me plenty stability & comfort while I went through rehab.
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