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Donjoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace

$1,289.99 $1,089.99
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Donjoy's Defiance is today's most popular carbon fiber brace for moderate to severe ACL PCL, MCL, and LCL knee instabilities. Custom-made using our CCMI Mark III measuring tool.

Donjoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace

$1,289.99 $1,089.99

The custom Donjoy Defiance is Donjoy's flagship knee brace for moderate-to-severe ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. It features a unique carbon-composite design that provides exceptional protection against injury during cutting, pivoting and hyperextension movements. The Donjoy Defiance knee brace is very lightweight and is an excellent choice for anyone returning to contact sports. At just 18 ounces it is one of the lightest braces around and is often used for football and ski protection.

The Donjoy Defiance has many key features that set it apart from other designs:  The thigh design accommodates athletes with normal, as well as, very developed medial quadriceps muscles.  A medial surpracondylar suspension pad is used to help grab onto the bony landmarks of the inside aspect of the knee to aid in preventing the brace from sliding down the leg.  Strapping configurations to address ACL, PCL, and combined instabilities (example ACL + MCL/LCL) can be ordered to address the unique needs of every patient.  It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and hinges, and a 6-month warranty on the softgoods/straps. 

  • Lightweight carbon composite frame for contact sports.
  • Brace length is determined according to your cast.
  • ACL, PCL, and CI (combined ligament injury/instability) strapping configurations available.
  • The "Donjoy Knee Guarantee" program is available with this brace (see link below).
  • Supra Condyle Suspension Pad prevents brace migration down your leg.
  • Defiance Extra version includes reinforced carbon frame and slide shield.
  • Suede, chamois and chamois pneumatic liners, condyle pads available. 
  • Anti-migration strap around the front of the tibia (top of your lower leg) enhances knee stability.
  • Non-corrosive parts for saltwater use.
  • 23 different color choices for FREE.  Optional upgrade for Graphics ($150 more).
  • We offer every available accessory made to completely customize your Donjoy Defiance knee brace.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and hinges.
  • 6-month warranty on the straps & softgoods.
  • Lightweight! Weighs approximately 18 oz.
  • Non-returnable merchandise due to the custom made manufacturing process of the product.

How To Order A Custom Donjoy Defiance: 

Please call us at 877-742-8784 if you have questions about the option choices for your custom Defiance brace before placing your order.

Activate the pull-down menu's above to specify right or left leg, the version (ACL, PCL, CI), whether you want upgraded gears or graphics, and then select either Standard or Rush manufacturing.  Pull-down choices are explained thoroughly below in Steps One through Seven.  

Brace Size Considerations:

These braces are designed to fit individuals with a minimum thigh circumference of 12 1/2" (32.8cm) up to the maximum thigh circumference of 38 1/8" (96.75cm), and minimum calf circumference of 10 1/4" (26cm), up to the maximum calf circumference 26 1/4" (66.50 cm). You should take a quick thigh and calf circumference measurement 6 inches above and below the middle of the kneecap to make sure you fall within this specified range before making this purchase.

STEP ONE:  Download the pdf Custom Defiance order form (above) first and follow along.  Choose your model:

  • Defiance (standard)
  • Defiance Extra - Reinforced carbon fiber frame; assembled with a standard hinge with slide shield unless another hinge type is selected.  Recommended for contact sports.

STEP TWO:  Select the hinge for your brace:

  • Standard Slide Shield - a standard hinge with a slide shield protective cover.  See the photo image above.
  • Standard Low Profile - the same standard hinge in a smaller, more low profile "box" which is more flush with the hinge bars than the regular standard slide shield hinge.  More popular. 
  • Fource Point - a new hinge design that slows down the acceleration of the knee during the last 25 degrees.  See the photo image above.
  • Low Profile "Low Pro" FourcePoint - Same function as the regular FourcePoint in a smaller, more low profile hinge "box."  More popular.  See the photo image above.

STEP THREE:  Choose the type of brace frame liners and condyle pads (oval pads on both sides of your knee joint) for your brace.

  • Chamois - becomes tacky against the skin when wet from perspiration.  Improves the ability of the brace to stay in place.  The best choice for individuals with skin sensitivities.  Most popular.
  • Doeskin (black) - standard padding/liner. Second most popular.
  • Pneumatic Chamois - pre-inflated chamois liner for tacky quality with extra padding.  Third most popular choice.

STEP FOUR:  Choose the style of your brace.

  • PCL - Strapping specifically addresses a PCL injury or reconstruction - configured with 4 straps.
  • ACL - Strapping addresses ACL instability pre and post surgery - configured with 5 straps.
  • CI (Combined Instability) - Includes an additional thigh strap across the front of the thigh for added support (main picture - white model); indicated for additional ACL protection and/or combined ACL injuries - configured with 6 straps.
  • NOTE: The title picture above of the black colored brace is an ACL model - there is no additional thigh strap added to the front of the thigh portion of the frame.

STEP FIVE: Choose the color for your Donjoy Defiance (See Donjoy Defiance Color Choices pdf above).

  • 23 Choices: 11 Flat and 12 Metallic Colors - FREE. From the pulldown menu above, choose "no graphics" to indicate you are ordering flat or metallic colors.
  • Custom Graphics - $150.00

Note:  Price above includes complimentary ground shipping of our casting kit sent to the customer via ground shipping along with free ground shipping of the finished brace from Donjoy to the customer.  The customer is responsible for the shipping charge associated with sending the finished cast mold of their knee to DME-Direct for manufacturing of the brace.  Rush service includes overnight delivery of the casting kit AND overnight delivery of the finished brace.  Charges for expedited shipping of the finished brace (only) can be seen in the checkout online based on your zip code information.

STEP SIX:   Choose additional brace accessories by ordering online from the Donjoy Defiance Accessories page:

  • Sports Cover (11-0016-x-06000) - Fits all braces made in the standard length.
  • Short Sports Cover (11-0103-x-06000) - Fits all short length braces - choose if you're 5'3" or shorter.
  • Cotton/Lycra Undersleeve (11-0075-x-00000) - Full length, light and breathable.  Proper size is automatically generated from the cast mold of the knee.
  • Neoprene Undersleeve (11-0122-x-00000) - Full length, warmer for colder climates.  Proper size is automatically generated from the cast mold of the knee.
  • TruPull Advanced Attachment (11-1525-x) - Rubber patella stabilizing attachment for patello-femoral conditions.  Proper size is automatically generated from the cast mold of the knee.  Not available on Donjoy Defiance braces manufactured with either style of FourcePoint hinge.
  • Impact Guard - Protects the patella and the front of the shin from direct impact (motocross application).  Not available on braces manufactured with either style of FourcePoint hinge.
  • Calf Pinch Guard - prevents the bottom of the brace from running into the top of a ski or motocross boot.  Provides a sloping smooth transition up to the bottom of the boot - recommended when ordering a "short calf" brace length.

STEP SEVEN:  Choose optional condyle pad choices (oval pads on the sides of your knee) from the brace form.  Remember, these will be added to your brace in place of the condyle pads chosen from step three above.  The liners will remain according to your selection in step three.  Also choose sili-grip pads, power caps, Legend style strap ins, and the neoprene suspension strap on the brace form.

  • Air Condyle Condyle Pads - FREE - Pre-inflated condyle pads for more comfort against the joint - they are smooth, not tacky like the chamois.
  • Floam Condyle Pads - FREE - These condyle pads fit on each side of the knee joint and are ordered in place of the condyle pads that are standard with each brace.  They feel like silly puddy with memory foam beads inside.  They mold and form around bony knees- better suited for people with real bony knee joints compared to individuals with typical muscle bulk around the inside and outside aspect of the knee.
  • SiliGrip Pads - FREE - These condyle pads fit on each side of the knee joint and are ordered in place of the condyle pads that are standard with each brace. They are tacky and are preferred by elderly individuals who have significant muscle atrophy and brace slippage issues that need to be addressed.
  • Power Caps - FREE - These are metal posts that hold the D rings in place better so the straps will not tear away from the brace - recommended for football use.
  • Legend Strap-ins - FREE - A square cut strap end instead of a tapered strap end.  Does not allow the strap to come undone - recommended for football use.
  • Neoprene Suspension Kit - Two neoprene straps that are used to wrap around the thigh and calf portion of the brace circumferentially to help maintain the brace in the proper position - about 3 inches wide.
  • Stainless Steel Gears - These are stronger gears inside the hinge "box" that can be ordered with the Standard Low Profile and the Standard Slide Shield hinge ONLY.  The gears inside both the FourcePoint and Low-Pro FourcePoint "boxes" are already made with the high strength stainless steel gears.  Choose this if you're getting a Standard hinge style AND the brace is to be used for contact sports.

Donjoy Knee Guarantee Program: 

Provides additional protection at no extra charge with an online purchase through DME-Direct. Click here for more details.

ACL protection seal DJO

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1856


  • ACL, MCL, PCL and CI (combined ligament injury/instability), or reconstruction.
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