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Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace

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Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace
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Donjoy's FullForce provides clinically-proven ACL protection for competitive and recreational athletes; Light weight, sleek design.

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The Donjoy FullForce Ligament Knee Brace is for protecting the ligaments of the knee, especially the ACL, from injury. The Fullforce brace that combines Donjoy's proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System with patented FourcePoint hinge technology, the most powerful and clinically-proven solution available to protect the ACL. The Donjoy FullForce has a sleek, low profile and exceptionally light weight design that makes it a great go-to prefabricated brace for competitive and recreational athletes involved in all kinds of activities. The unique swooping thigh frame offers a great fit and internally mounted swiveling strap tabs reduce brace slippage. Available in Standard and Short length.

Donjoy FullForce Ligament Knee Brace Features:

  • Backed by DonJoy's Knee Guarantee Program™, an industry first for prefabricated bracing.
  • 1-year warranty on frame and hinges.
  • Clinically proven 4 Points of Leverage system pioneered by DonJoy.
  • LoPro FourcePoint hinges.
  • The only bracing technology clinically-proven to protect the ACL
  • Swooping Thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use.
  • Strong aircraft grade aluminum frame (0.08 - 0.125" thick).
  • Available in standard ACL and combined instability (CI) models.  The combined instability version is the same brace design with one additional strap going across the front of the thigh - also helps keep the brace in place better (can also be used for ACL or ACL + additional ligament injuries).
  • Carbon coat finish is applied over the aluminum frame for added durability.
  • Seven sizes - See sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.
  • Length: choose Standard Calf (17" brace length) or Short Calf (15" brace length - best for individuals 5'7" and shorter, for motocross use, or for skiing with tall ski boots).
  • Version: choose ACL or CI (combined instability) for the same brace with an additional thigh strap across the front of the brace, mid-thigh level.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1845 



The Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Mild to moderate knee instabilities.
  • ACL reconstructions.
  • ACL deficiencies.
  • Contact and non-contact sports protection.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Watch our Measurement/Fitting video and then use a fabric tape measure to measure your thigh, knee center, and calf circumference for the correct size.


Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace sizing

*Available in a Standard brace length or a Short calf. The Short calf is recommended for individuals 5'6" and shorter or anyone using the product with very tall ski boots that might run the risk of interfering with the calf portion of the frame.

  •  Aircraft aluminum frame with carbon coating on the outside.
Great brace, great customer service
Another model that I originally wanted is unfortunately not being manufactured any longer. The customer service people contacted me and explained how this brace was the recommended substitution and went over all of the brace's features so that I felt comfortable getting into the Fullforce instead. They were very helpful. The Fullforce arrived and I have been wearing it now for two weeks and it's both comfortable and supportive. Very pleased with my purchase.
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Works great for skiing.
I had an ACL reconstruction earlier this year. I've used this brace skiing twice now and it works great. Even forget that it's there at times. Saw other people mention the brace sliding down your leg - haven't had this issue yet. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase.
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Brace does a good job protecting my knee
The brace provides excellent ACL stability. I had a left ACL tear and a surgical repair in 2014. I wore a CTi custom ACL brace for lateral/cutting sports for a couple of years until I re-ruptured my ACL last year. I then transitioned to sports that did not require a brace. In the last year, I started doing self defense karate and went without a brace until early this year when I ruptured my right Achilles. Unfortunately,the left knee was doing a lot of the work during recovery and it became unstable again. Although my old CTI brace still fit and worked, I decided to buy a newer technology brace, assuming it would be a better fit and work to my benefit. I was right. What a great brace! It is comfortable and easy to use. You might also consider some sort of under the brace sleeve protection (neoprene or legging) until your skin adjusts to the pressure points.
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My doctor recommended this brace...
My doctor recommended this brace for me after my ACL surgery healed. I feel safe wearing it and my knee can handle running and jumping alot easier with it on. Recommended.
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Fits my short height perfectly.
I am short 5'4" so I went with the Short calf length and it fits me perfectly. I will be using it for soccer and wakeboarding water activity.
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Fast shipping appreciated...
Shipping was fast. Got it a week before practices started for the team.
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A great brace to return to action
I got this brace to replace an over the counter brace that I purchased at Big 5. I am a soccer referee who has had a problem with my left knee for over 30 years. A few years ago I went to see an orthopedist who told me that I had no cartilage left in my knee. However, I was not prescribed a custom brace. I recently learned that I could get a good brace without it being doctor prescribed and started doing research. I have found that the Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace was just what the doctor ordered. I have used it now for over two weeks and just love it. My knee is much happier and I feel 10 years younger as I am running around the soccer field.
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FullForce helped my fooball season
Wore this brace during football while I had a torn ACL and it felt almost as if I didn't have a torn ACL. This brace was everything and more than what I expected it to be like. Thanks DME-Direct for allowing me to finish my senior season of football with this Donjoy FullForce.
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Q&A for Donjoy FullForce Knee Brace

  • From Andy Voss
    • Q: Can I wear this under jeans?
    • A: Yes, you can wear this brace under loose-fitting jeans. No for tight-fitting jeans.
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  • From Miachael J.
    • Q: Can I have this brace overnight?
    • A: Yes, we have this brace in stock for shipping overnight. This method of delivery is available in our checkout online.
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  • From Gloria J.
    • Q: Who needs the Short length compared to the Standard length?
    • A: The Short length is for an individual 5"6" and shorter or for use with a tall ski boot. Otherwise, the Standard length will provide the recommended fit and protection.
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  • From Carly K.
    • Q: Can this brace be worn in water?
    • A: Yes, this brace can be worn in the water. If it is worn in saltwater, just remember to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards.
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  • From Amber Franks
    • Q: Does this brace help with hyperextension?
    • A: Yes, the brace can help with hyperextension and/or increased laxity caused by an ACL/PCL tear, or a combined ligament injury.
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