DeRoyal Ultralign+ LSO Back Brace

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DeRoyal Ultralign+ LSO
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  • Features panels in the front and back for greater stiffness. 
  • Restricts movement to allow proper healing. 
  • Orthowick liner for better breathability. 
  • Comfortable yet very supportive.
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The DeRoyal Ultralign+ LSO is a superior off-the-shelf lumbar sacral orthosis preferred by many top orthopedic surgeons. This product has a patented closure system for quick and easy fitting, and employs soft, breathable fabrics to help prevent skin irritation. The DeRoyal Ultralign+  comes in a large variety of sizes and offers a choice of tapered or non-tapered styles, and is available with a short low-profile or a regular standard height anterior panel, thus allowing it to fit 80% of all spine patients comfortably and effectively. The DeRoyal Ultralign+ design meets most requirements for a lumbosacral spinal orthosis from L1 to L5 level pathologies. This model features removable Kydex plastic inserts in the front and back that are heat moldable and provide the greatest degree of protection and control over movement of the lumbar spine.

DeRoyal Ultralign+ LSO Features:

  • Ultralign+ patented dynamic closure provides for easy application and a snug, rigid fit. The DeRoyal Ultralign+ has side panels that can be adjusted/tapered to provide a more custom fit than other off-the-shelf LSOs.
  • Dynamic Straps offer superior compression to off-load the spine.
  • For shorter patients, the Low Profile Tapered model features an anterior panel that is 6 1/2" tall (versus the standard 9 1/2" panel on the regular versions of this brace.)
  • Soft breathable fabrics are used for a lighter, cooler, more comfortable fit.
  • For those with sensitive skin, the Inner-liner is comprised of non-allergenic foams (called Orthowick) which wick moisture away from the body, protecting the skin against breakdown.
  • Instant Full-range adjustment.
  • The neutral anterior Kydex plastic insert is combined with a rigid posterior Kydex insert that is heat moldable to help keep the patient in the desired alignment. (Choose from 0, 15 or 25 degrees - most commonly ordered is the 15 degree which accommodates a typical patient with a normal lordotic curvature in the low back).
  • For Bariatric patients, the size XXL can be expanded by adding extension panels. These panels come in pairs and in two widths: 3 1/2" width and 5 1/2" width. Choose a set of 3 1/2" panels to gain up to 7" more circumferential waist measurement; Choose a set of 5 1/2" panels to accommodate up to 11" more room in the waist/hip area.

Available Colors:  Black.


  • Non-Tapered: Ideal for Men (or Women without a large difference between their chest and waist measurements).
  • Tapered: Tapered design provides a more comfortable fit for certain body types (Women or for Men that are more "pear shaped").
  • Low-Profile Tapered: Ideal for short-waisted patients. The Low Profile version has an anterior panel that is 6 1/2" tall.


Consult with a medical professional for proper alignment. Choose from below:

  • 0 degrees (NOTE: Not available in Low Profile)
  • 15 degrees
  • 25 degrees

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0637

  • Post-operative lumbar fusion.
  • Laminectomy or Discectomy.
  • Compression Fractures in the lumbar region.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

deroyal ultralign+ lso back brace size

  •  Orthowick liner is breathable and latex free.
Great experience
Doctor wanted over $600 for the same brace. I called these guys and got it in 2 days for almost half. Gotta love the insurance companies. Brace itself is perfect. Low profile and easy to put on.
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Great build quality and effective
I am a 27 year old filmmaker and have had chronic back pain for about 3 years. Been to everything from spine doc, PT, chiro, acupuncture, pain management, osteopathic manipulation, and nothing gave me more then temporary relief.

It was determined that (with a 2 clean MRI's and an X-ray) that my problem was muscular, resulting from poor posture and a weak core.This, combined with the shoulder straps keeps me upright and relieves the pain. The only issue I have it that it is somewhat bulky, which I suppose it needs to be to hold you up. Highly recommend!
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I like it so much I even use it
I'm an internal med doctor in North Hollywood, CA. Since I have been standing on my feet for about 30 years now seeing patients, I have noticed my horrible posture, and as a result back pain. I recently purchased this DeRoyal Ultralign LSO back brace, and since I have been wearing it I have noticed better posture, and as a result, less back pain. I now am prescribing this brace to a lot of my patients, and they love it.
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