Darco MedSurg Shoe

Darco Med-Surg Shoe
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  • Square toe design provides additional protection.
  • Strapless closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot.
  • Fully customizable insole is double-padded and removable.

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The DARCO MedSurg™ Shoe is the most versatile postoperative shoe on the market today.  Its square toe design provides additional protection for the toes.  The Darco Med Surg Shoe strapless closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressings up to 17 inches in circumference. Square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present and offers a better left/right fit. The rocker sole and the double padded, removable insole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel when walking. Very aggressive tread at the midfoot provides superior traction and stability. The shoe's ankle strap helps keeps the shoe in place at all times and eliminates slippage while walking.

Darco Med Surg Shoe Features:

  • Squared off toe design - provides additional protection, especially with procedures involving K wires.
  • Fully customizable insole - double-padded and removable to accommodate PegAssist off-loading insole.
  • Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel by over 25%.
  • MetaShank protection provides rigid control under the metatarsal heads.
  • Velcro forefoot closure accommodates a 17 inch circumference of extra bandages and dressings.
  • Traction sole for no slipping when walking.
  • Comfortable and supportive for all day wear.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in men's and women's sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC Code: L3260

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The Darco Med Surg Shoe may be used for:

  • After foot surgery or when K-wires are present.
  • When large bandages or dressing are required.
  • As a platform for the PegAssist™ (PTQ Series) insole when off-loading wounds.
  • Arthritis.
  • Bunionectomy.
  • Neuroma removal.
  • Sesamoiditis.
  • Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment.
  • Hammertoe treatment.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

Choose according to me's shoe and women's shoe size.

Darco Med-Surg Shoe


Darco MedSurg Shoe.

The MedSurg Shoe reduces plantar pressures directed toward the sole of the foot as seen in this FScan image.

Nice shoe
Everything about this shoe is as advertised. Unfortunately it is not going to work for me because of the height of the shoe. When I wear it with my tennis shoes it is so low that I am very uneven.
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I wore the shoe post surgery before and wanted another one just like it and found it with you,, Love it...Judy Thompson
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Excellent support, cushioning
Doesn't slip off, or chafe. Lasts 6 months with hard use. Others cost twice as much as the Darco MedSurg shoe.
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Great Product
Best shoe ever. My husband and I are able to go out now and he feels very confident that he will not fall. Fits great and he said it is very comfortable. Price was great.
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Excellent Velcro buckle: Secures nicely around the foot.
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Good Product
I purchased this shoe due to breaking my pinky toe on July 18 2013. I had been wearing the Medtrax tall boot for 3 weeks and it helped me be able to go to work and run errands, etc. But I wanted something smaller for at home and to transition before going to sneakers. It worked really well. It's now 8/14/13 and I'm back in a sneaker now. Yippee!
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Great product, fast service
I needed a shoe for post-op. The MedSurg Shoe that I ordered is well made, goes on easy and is comfortable. It was delivered within 3 days -- really fast.
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Does the job with excellence.
I have an enlarged foot due to edemic induration, and can't wear regular shoes. These have 2 velcro buckles which keep the shoe very secure (unlike the slip-on shoes with 1 velcro strap at Target or Walmart). That, along with the convex sole, made me feel like there was a coil spring under each foot, lifting my foot up with every step. This exact same shoe sells for $30 per shoe everywhere except at DME-Direct which sells it for half that price. It's well-constructed and durable. Other brands I tried previously fell apart within 3 months, and often suddenly, so that I had to hobble home on one shoe. That's never happened with the Darco MedSurg Shoe. Like any shoe, after 6 months they get worn down at the heel.
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